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Fruit Shoot Archers is the best archery game ever! Use the bow and the arrows to hit the fruits placed on the head of the little cute bears, brave soldiers and evil dragons!

Shooting an apple off one's head is a feat of bowmasters with a bow and an arrow. How far can you shoot? Are you as good as Robin Hood? Now grab bow and arrow and try to hit the fruits on the head of the cute buddies in this most insanely addictive adventure game!

Game Features:
- Hours and hours of engaging gameplay of Challenge mode and V.S. mode
- Explore 90 levels in 3 iconic locations (Indian, Sparta, Viking)
- Outstanding graphics and beautifully detailed backgrounds

How to Play:
- Touch anywhere on the screen
- Drag the dotted line to adjust the angle and power
- Release to shoot

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Fruit Shoot Archers APK reviews

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Kim Campo review Kim Campo
I like this game and would have given it a better rating if there was only a way to turn off the aim on the arrow. You can't really tell exactly where you're aiming. Too bad cause it's really a fun game.
A Google user review A Google user
This is a really fun game! But the resone I only give it 4/5 is because this is very bloody, expesholy for kids. I know u can turn the blood off thow
Rebecca Strange review Rebecca Strange
Ok I just now finished the tutorial level and already I was completely hooked!! This is a very fun game to play anytime! I especially love the blood...good going on that. It has good graphics, great humor and yeah there's ads...but what free app doesn't? I would definitely recommend this to everyone!!
dain qayyum review dain qayyum
I'm having problems with the game.Vs mode is not should be below challenge mode but it is not!....tell me what to do.plz
flabadoosh art cat review flabadoosh art cat
There is one problem there is no vs mode
A Google user review A Google user
Not liking this one. The bow is weak, arrow releases too soon. Like the way the bear bleeds, though
jilbert shamirian review jilbert shamirian
It's alright but after a short time it becomes boring!
Juana Trujillo review Juana Trujillo
This game awesome. Its a little disgusting
jessica kinney review jessica kinney
So simple yet awesome! I totally recommend that you get this game! Works great on my Android tablet!
Ayamwoo girl review Ayamwoo girl
I shot his eye ball and brain out LOL LOL LOL LOL
Sanjana Chandrashekar review Sanjana Chandrashekar
Good game but I get irritated if I am not able to complete it??? play the game with blood of mode bcoz it is really scary
Jesse Alvarado review Jesse Alvarado
Vs is not working when I open the app vs mode wasn't there pleas fix then I'll give five stars thanks
Roxxy Flores review Roxxy Flores
I remember my mom had this game on her phone when I was younger so when I found it I automatically downloaded it but you should have less adds
Sophia Keberlein review Sophia Keberlein
Its so hard to do it
Jason Morris review Jason Morris
Really fun but where is the vs mode? Also need more levels.