Fruit Slice APK

5.48 MB
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The BEST FRUIT juicy game on MarketPlace, and it's FREE!
Slice fruit by your finger, and enjoy fruit juice!

Can you be Master Shifu of Fruit?

* The best performance, run well on low CPU phones.
* The smallest app size with very high game quality.
* Swipe to play game.

Fruit Slice APK reviews

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vishal sharma review vishal sharma
Very Nice Game!
we hardly find games like this on Google play. this a nice game with Good Graphics. this game is totally add free and there are no irritating pop ups. no need to pay any money like other games. we can play so many different modes. moreover, it doesn't occupy much space(only around 5.5 MB). Enjoying it a lot ??????
Sangeeth Kumar review Sangeeth Kumar
To its Best
Given ur best guys.. Kudos.. There r only 2 things that I see really missing n needed here compared to Fruit Ninja.. One s d multiple slices on same fruit. Other is that the whole space freezes when you slice a fruit. If u can fix it ur d king...
Elizabeth Clifton review Elizabeth Clifton
Love this game
I love this game its the best.Keep making more like these plz I beet my cousins high score and there high score was 509 and I got to 745 it's just so easy that's why I give 5 stars
kaish imtiyaz review kaish imtiyaz
I have given it 3stars... why? why?.... I may sayI would have given it 5 stars. Butvtge reason is those ads... Those stupid ads. I always make the same mistake clicking that "EXIT" button. Second star goes for only 4 kinds of games... There must be more.
microscopig 04 review microscopig 04
Just got it and I can already tell its better then fruit ninja on time trial my high score is already 271! One problem I think that we should be able 2 buy new blades with fruit. Oh and I think they should just get rid of the adverts altogether¡
Zunaira Rahil review Zunaira Rahil
It is a good game but there R no powerups bonuses and no differences in blades or levels. I played it but got bored in 2 days and u will also get bored
Dianette Porter review Dianette Porter
This game is so fun one day my little. Girl is 5 years old she could not keep her eyes off of this game Lol is is so fun vote for food slice woo
Ramya Iyer review Ramya Iyer
Very nice game.. I use 2 play dis game in my frnd's mobile n now I have my mobile on which I can play widout any hurdles . people seeing dis review should dwnld dis game.. Trust me ,its nice
I S M Habibullah review I S M Habibullah
I would love to buy a premium ads free version for a dollar or two. Currently the ads volume is bothering me. Will recommend the app though.
Samina Farrukh review Samina Farrukh
I really like it my score is 400 but it should have different blades and backgrounds and a bonus fruit and power ups but still it is a lot lot lot better then fruit ninja . In fruit ninja fruits are coming so fastly that we can not even make a good high score my mother always make higher score in fruit ninja but she cant make in fruit slice nice game woho:-) it looks a copy of fruit ninja but still v.good then that;-) if you would have bonus fruit, power ups different blades and backgrounds it will be good
A Google user review A Google user
Its alright but it's quite slow and there's not many things to do with it. You can't play on it for long because it can become boring.
Melissa Deel review Melissa Deel
This game is addictive. I enjoy playing it. The only complaint I have is that I get interrupted by an ad or the game will suddenly stop for no reason and return to my home screen.
Kunaal Jha review Kunaal Jha
I love this game. My phone has super low memory, and this app is tiny but super fun. Recently in version 1.4.2 i think, they claimed to add new fruit. When i opened the game, i saw adds that hadnt been spotted before. I played through every mode trying to find the new fruit, but the only new thing i found was adds after the game finished. So are the new fruit adds?
V4run V1j4y review V4run V1j4y
This is obviously an adaptation of the game, "Fruit Ninja", but I don't care! Fruit Ninja has this new update that makes the game almost UNPLAYABLE. This is better than the new version, and the original!
Arianna Polk review Arianna Polk
This game is fun... Well only if you have enough room...At first I didn't... But then I made room... Lol ?...You should still get it... it's the BEST GAME EVER YOU'LL GET ADDICTED!!!