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Funimate Video Effects Editor
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Funimate is the most fun video editor and music video maker used by millions of people. With Funimate, you can instantly transform an everyday moment into a creative video and edit in awesome visual effects. With its patent-pending technology, you can create cool videos with never before seen real-time effects.

Funimate boasts more than 15 video effects. Let your creativity go wild, there is an effect for every occasion. You will be amazed how creative and fun the results are.

You can join fun challenges and be part of an awesome community. Make great videos, stand out and get featured.

*Audio by Superpowered

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Jaylene B review Jaylene B
I live this app but
I love this app it's so much Fun but until u got an upgrade saying we can't use certain effects because we're not pro's is unfair on top of it it's Crazy expensive $8? For just 3 effects wow....U guys better get some new effects or something
Urmi Angne review Urmi Angne
Am not able to sign in ..I use Facebook sign in and msg comes that account is authorized..I enter email and username the nothing happens...???? Update??? Thank-you for responding to my's solved
Godfrey Desouza review Godfrey Desouza
Things about this cool and awesome app.
It is awesome and you would love it because I do. You can select different types of effects.Also it is like #musically but better in so many ways.
that_chxld _israel review that_chxld _israel
I hate it because it dont let me publish nothing
Sasha Grasty review Sasha Grasty
It's so much fun
karishma raman review karishma raman
Very gud app
Kassidy Cline review Kassidy Cline
Great app! Very easy to use!! 5 stars!!
Alyssa Morris review Alyssa Morris
I love it for and so fun!!!
It is cool thoo
Angela Gaynor review Angela Gaynor
I have a oil and natural gas. . . . but he has been a while back, but I think I am not sure if this works. I am a beautiful day. I will talk to you, but I know that the top. . the games. the only way to get in contact us at the moment, and a half hour, so I am a homebody. -that was was whatever I typed up at the top bar whatever lol
Grace Alder review Grace Alder
Funimate is great. My only ask is could you make it so a few less things were unlocked by following you on Instagram? It's because some people don't have Instagram so yeah... Thanks!
Gem Ilaga review Gem Ilaga
Id give a 5 if you would makw all the touch effects free! Yesterday i was using the fireball and fairy effect then a few mintues later it was for pro! Please make it free again and i will give 5!
Danielle Fletcher review Danielle Fletcher
Omg i can make my music.lys 10×better now i just love the effects but van u plz fet rid of pro bc i dont want to have to buy more cool effects
I don't really like it when I make a funimate it will take me to the part where u make the FX but it won't work it will just go back to home screen plz plz plz plz plz plz fix
jiff pon review jiff pon