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Gallery is an intelligent photo gallery that learns what is most important to you, organizes your photos & videos into moments, helping you re-live and share life’s best memories.

Meet Gallery, the fastest growing gallery app for Android and the first ever gallery for Android Wear.

"... is a smart and well-designed gallery replacement for the built-in phone gallery"

" intelligent mobile gallery app that displays all your best photos"
-The Next Web

"The genius of Gallery, however, happens under the hood, where a robust personalization system learns which photos mean more to you"
-Business Insider

The only gallery chosen by Business Insider as one of the Top 100 Apps worldwide, Gallery is a free, next generation photo gallery that’s a complete replacement to your native gallery.

With Gallery, you can:
• Automatically organize all of your photos and videos according to your events, date, time, and location into album.
• For the classic photo gallery feel, the Gallery view has all of your photos and videos in one slick gallery view.
• Use the Moments view for a more unique, collage like view based around events, date, and location.

• Easily share groups of photos and videos from your gallery, with just a tap!
• Share album with ease to all of your favorite social networks: WhatsApp, Facebook, G+, Line, Kakao, WeChat, and more.
• The easiest and fastest way to create Facebook photo albums, on the fly!

• Smart Mode - Create a more personalized photo album that highlights the best photos in your photo gallery, identifies similar shots, and centers photo thumbnails around smiling faces!
• Intelligent notifications - Have Gallery help you rediscover those photos from your trip abroad last month, your kids’ birthday last year, or any important memory that’s been lost in your gallery.

• A gallery that's not backed up is a sad photo gallery!
• Integrate Gallery with your Google Photos (Picasa) so you can view and manage all of your photos & videos in one cloud gallery.

Gallery offers the first ever photo gallery created for smartwatches. With Gallery on Android Wear, you can:
• View or Delete your gallery photos - all from your smartwatch!
• Share photos and albums directly to Facebook, on the fly.
• Photo Notifications - Easily access your latest photos from your gallery with just a tap.

Why replace my native gallery?
Gallery is the only photo gallery that works for you - gone are the days of endless scrolling in your gallery in search of life’s best memories. Gallery is the only gallery app that learns about you the more you use it.

How does Gallery work?
Gallery has a strong technological difference from other gallery apps. The Gallery Curation Engine (GCE) uses computer vision and big data to understand what makes a great photo.

Gallery then organizes the photos and videos in your gallery into moments that can be easily relieved and shared.

About our permissions
Calendar - Gallery asks for permissions to read your calendar so that we can auto-title your moments based on your calendar events. We do not use this information for any other purpose.

About Privacy
Your privacy is important to us! Gallery does not copy or store your photos and videos. Only the photos & videos which you have specifically chosen to share from your gallery will be uploaded to our secure servers.

Gallery APK reviews

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Chad Slappey review Chad Slappey
It doesn't work on my Axon 7. Crashes within minutes of starting up. I think the ad feature is what's making it crash. How unfortunate.
Sonali Bapna review Sonali Bapna
Too many advertisement..everytime when i open we have to wait for sec to skip the ads and then can see our pictures
Ganesh mani tripathi review Ganesh mani tripathi
Too mch advertise are given I don't like that
Ouail Ouazani review Ouail Ouazani
The ads are alot
Gangadhar Naidu review Gangadhar Naidu
Easy app Divided category
Joshua Santos review Joshua Santos
Ads as notifications
Not great
Hipolito Carlos review Hipolito Carlos
Still have ads
I paid to remove ads and they are still showing up.
Shi hai
Matthew Hammond review Matthew Hammond
This has been my go to gallery app for quite a while now and I've always enjoyed it. That is, until this update. Even when the gallery is not open or running, full screen spam ads for battery saving apps appear. If you close them, they will open again within a few minutes. Avoid this app for the sake of your phone.
William Barnes review William Barnes
Freezing issues
Great gallery, just started having freezing issues, app won't open. Contacted gallery creator
steve sleigh review steve sleigh
bad bad bad
you have ruined the gallery layout it's now shocking
Dhana tweet review Dhana tweet
Unfortunately if foto may deleted it's very difficult to recover from this
Kiran Kumar Gudiseva review Kiran Kumar Gudiseva
It's not good at all
Dean Mackness review Dean Mackness
Teething problems
Ok so I purchased the app five minutes after downloading it as it looked OK. I decided to make a folder for photos from a recent holiday so did this and attempted to move images from my camera folder to the new folder. The app took it upon itself to move half and copy the other half so I now have duplicates all over the place. The gallery is now flickering a lot too. I would appreciate assistance. Or a refund.