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GameBench is an award-winning, pro-grade tool used by thousands of bloggers, studios, phone makers and enthusiasts who want to test mobile game performance and measure FPS (frames per second).

Before you start using the tool, please be aware that it requires two things that most consumer-grade apps do not require. **If you’re not happy with either requirement, please don’t attempt to use GameBench.**

► A one-time PC connection is needed -- Google hasn’t designed Android in a way that makes it easy for non-developers to test performance. Our tool gets around this problem, but a USB connection to a Mac, Windows or Linux PC is essential to get GameBench started.

► Account registration is required - This allows us to charge enterprise users while offering basic usage for free to everyone else.

Registering for a free GameBench account will get you the following features:

 • Access to the Android app;
 • Access to the desktop app, which lets you test iOS and Android games side-by-side;
 • Access to your own web dashboard, so you can store and analyse your test results;
 • 30 minutes of testing every month, with your free minutes being reset monthly;

If you accept GameBench’s registration and PC requirements, then you’ll find that the tool is very easy to use, requiring no coding or other specialist know-how, no SDKs, no rooting and only standard Android permission settings.

GameBench allows you test real games and applications on real phones and tablets -- simply by playing. It measures frame rate for any game or application, and records other performance metrics that are vital early predictors of customer experience and commercial success, including:

 • Frame rate stability and janks (aka micro-stutter);
 • Resource usage, including CPU and GPU bottlenecks as well as excessive memory footprint (a predictor of crashes);
 • Power consumption, including both instantaneous power and battery drain rate, and also battery temperature;

For full instructions, tips and documentation, please go to:

Screenshots of sample log are taken from Despicable Me: Minion Rush (DMMR). DMMR is owned and developed by Gameloft, Gameloft retains all rights to DMMR.
Terms of Service may be found at:

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So stupid 2 minutes into it and i uninstall, first you made me register before i can see anything then you asked me for multiple permissions then you ask to connect my phone to pc then i have to download something on my pc, i stopped here idk if there's more ?like seriously!? This is stupid.
Satish Gopalakrishnan review Satish Gopalakrishnan
Cool ! Analytics at fingertips
Jacob B review Jacob B
all i wanted is for it show me my fps and i get a cheeky message asking me register well theres no chance of that now im sure i can find a fps meter that isnt a pain in the but edit developers seem to care but i still don't like this app so i am changing my rating to 2 for now and i did find a fps meter that isnt a pain in the but for me its called GLtools but unfortunately for a lot of other people it requires root i don't think its possible to get a fps meter on android without some sort of escalation of privileges which is one reason why this apps requires your PC
mitchell mccray review mitchell mccray
Why do I need to register for I'm just going to use it temporary then uninstall
Sridhara Sudharsan Sundararaman review Sridhara Sudharsan Sundararaman
Great app!
A Google user review A Google user
one account and 3 free tools including ios. love it. gamebench folks please increase free time to min 1 hour. look forward to more free tools from you guys. have you considered VR?
Raven Joo review Raven Joo
Internet connection not working :/
Raven Black review Raven Black
Great! Does exactly what I need.. For those impatient about the initial setup please understand, it's not the app fault, it's simply because of how android security work.. In addition, you guys probably still need to adjust a few more settings individually because it might be a device specific options (based on my own experience, yes, it won't work for me in the first try).. For the devs, it would be nice if you could integrate everything within the app, instead of opening a web browser to view complete report.. Also, lot's of people seem to be objected about the registration stuff, so you guys should consider those feedbacks.. It would be nice if you could increase the usage limit, since the recommended test is 15 mins, while the max usage is only 30 mins per month (didn't you guys consider if the app crash but it still counted towards our total usage? that doesn't seem fair to the end user, not to mention if we want to test more that one game).. Currently tested on Xiaomi Redmi 4 Prime (Global).. Thank you.
Shaye olszewski review Shaye olszewski
Makes you register to do anything.
Michael Williams review Michael Williams
For some reason, your app crashes when I try using it to monitor performance in games that I like playing.
Ivan Žanić review Ivan Žanić
Wanted to use it, and straight away asks me to register or sign in... Nope, I'm skipping this one. And after seeing the other reviews which mention it needs to be connected to a PC for setting it up, etc. it just made it even worse
Kshitij Deota review Kshitij Deota
This app, even before you could use it asks to "register and sign in" then after asks to "update" the app from there "website". That's a very shady practice from a benchmarking app. No, thank you! Now I need to find out how to "delete" my gamebench account ?
sean quiben review sean quiben
Not working on note 4. I tried 2 games and it says the application has been stopped.
Boguslaw Paruch review Boguslaw Paruch
don't work with android oreo on my pixel xl
Bhaskar Mahajan review Bhaskar Mahajan
Nice app.And it's working fine on my Redmi note 4.I just followed the procedure mentioned in the app.