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Your brother has been kidnapped and now you have to take out every thug that stands between you and him. Run your own district: Collect money from shops, throw giant house parties, attract gangsters, and guard your crib. Whip out every dirty trick and deadly weapon in your arsenal to take on tons of jobs and make a name for yourself in the L.A. underground. Rob banks, fight police, kidnap enemies and more. Expand your domination over 4 different districts, from sunny Santa Monica to the famous streets of Hollywood. In Gangstar City, you'll become the king of L.A. or die trying!
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Gangstar City APK reviews

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Lana Adkins review Lana Adkins
Nice game
Fun game, pretty similar to mafia wars.. The higher lvl u go up tho, the more energy the crimes cost to do and doesn't seem like your energy bar is going up enough with it. Also, it takes SO long to build up enough crew members to protect each building and actually in your crew. Let alone being able to afford the upgrade on them. Other then that, still a fun, time killing game and looking forward to any Helpful updates :) Thx
Dus Kinchon review Dus Kinchon
Fuck you bitch
You should add diamond reward by completing are forcing people to pay u to play the game.if you want money do another job or rob a bank
Erin Hamman review Erin Hamman
Best game ever
I could play this game my hole life but just can't get enough people in gang because I lose gems
D'Naysia Dawson review D'Naysia Dawson
Ganster city
I would have gave this game five stars but it doesn't let you control the character but it is still awesome
nakisha mcclain review nakisha mcclain
This game is addicting but I have a couple of issues with this game. Firstly, I don't understand why it takes 24hrs for a new member that is ridiculous, I can understand 12hrs. Secondly, when you get a new member their levels are really low I am on level 44 and the highest member I have is 15 and they say if you upgrade your party house you can have higher level members. Also the diamond situation, now all my missions involve using diamonds.
super sasha review super sasha
It is so cool that there are different city's and every thing,but it is to hard to get money and the taxes are low.
Vontae Rice review Vontae Rice
Could be better.
It would be an excellent game until I realized that I couldn't earn diamonds for playing the game, which is terrible because the game have an achievement where I must accommodate 1000 diamonds which is an $150 ripoff if I buy them with real earned money. If the developers could change it to earn diamonds, it would be a great game. What's a Free game when you have to spend real money for fake buildings, weapons, and characters.(I assume just a free wasted download)
Chastity Krupka review Chastity Krupka
I loved this game but it froze up n I guess it won't be fixed I am to the next town n nothing they attacked me at my crib n after that it glitched shame u won't fix it because I would of gave five stars I am disappointed I spent a lot of time n my place is huge compared to when I started smh but can't expect to much from a free app.... Fun while it lasted UNinstalled it now sorry no need in a game that don't work :-( this sucks I really liked this game
Hudayfah Lamine review Hudayfah Lamine
Most awful graphiced game in my life!!!
WARNING: never download this, download gangster Vegas also by gameloft. The graphics on gangster Vegas are amazing plus it's just like gta AND it's free!!!
Jack Tuohy review Jack Tuohy
Sick Mon
Love it. Real good ideas. Good layout. Almost all tops. Just wish it were decided whether it was one game or another. Cuz it's between being its oen game an slightly blending into gta Chinatown.
Shoukat Ali review Shoukat Ali
It epic
Hi , Thanks For EPIC Game But You Cant Get Any Diamonds I Will Rate It 5 Stars If You Can Fix That For Me Please !! -.-Please Fix This Thing I Hve To wait becacause some Of The Missions FREZZE I Hte When It Does tht !
Heather Shilling review Heather Shilling
Freezing whenever I win
The game did great the first day, on the second day every time I would win a battle the game would freeze and I would have to keep exiting it.
Adam Sadler review Adam Sadler
Best game ever
Awesome game i will give them props for this game but one thing u guys need to fix is that we need mor ways to get gems because its hard but ovrall good game!!!! And also when they are going to give our diomands they never i dont like that but the games good but i makes me mad when i dont get my diaomands please fix like asap when u guys read this.think abou.t we want.our diaomands plelseee
Linda Mafenuka review Linda Mafenuka
wats wrong now?
since frm level 35 i deafet the opponet and i collect the money bt after 3 second they wake up...why plz fix this i mst be on level 60 now bt I'm still on level 39 plz plz fix fix
ShitTae Nigga review ShitTae Nigga
Crashes at level 40 - 42!
I DO LOVE this game, BUT! I have played it on FIVE different devices and EVERY TIME I get to level 40 or level 42 all my decorations or most of my buildings just up and disappear. I log off and when I go back to play thats when it occurs. This is the last device and the last time I will play it. I want to purchase diamonds but reluctant because of the crashes. If theres a fix please let me know because I really want to play this game.