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This is good..!
Ashmit Kar review Ashmit Kar
Well I gotta say... "gameloft you rock...."
The last update was like a living he'll.... But this one they have fixes each and every bug... And now this game is the best.. But still add more things like houses to stay in... Girlfriend's.... But please don't add bugs like you had done in the previous update....and make this game better than gta in every way...
Daniel Mackintosh review Daniel Mackintosh
Can't save game. ?Customer service is a joke.?
I've had this game since it was released, I've spent enough on this game to buy a new PS4. Despite all of that my problem isn't worth they're time. The Rep's are lazy, rude, they lack common sense and do nothing to help. Even if they understand the problem they "can't help". They know nothing. A diamond sum error I had that would have been fixed by another dev, instead incured a surley "We can't help you" & "Not our fault". It's obvious they can help, they won't help & don't care about us. ⚠?
Devin Shaw review Devin Shaw
The game used to be good .i have a samsung galaxy s3 the game starts when you get in the first mission after you knock out the guy i glitches really hard every thing is black and green
It still wont work super glitchy
Mala Miley review Mala Miley
Too many ads!
This is game is great I would recommended it anyone who likes gta5.And when I do one single thing a ad pops up and it click exit but it won't exit fix that now!
lars crespo Wallanger review lars crespo Wallanger
My frend
My frend got a i pone and i got a Samsung some how on my frend's i pone its always 30 cars on the streets butt on my samsung thes like almost no cars att all to sell i want to sell a stöter butt thers like no car's enywhere plz fix it and it will get 5 oh and i want option thats hd cu'z on mine my frends i pone has beter piture everything is shinny and smoth and wen it switches do sunset and night i dont want it to freeze i want the sun to move like in minecraft or something then i Will rate 5 a star
Chris Brian Jeremiah Olsen review Chris Brian Jeremiah Olsen
Nice Graphics but unfair and buggy
I just wished it wasn't so buggy sometimes. Recent update brought more traffic and pedestriants.... a good thing.... but!!!!... you have to adjust the heist mission 4 star times accordingly, it takes for ever to retrieve the manager key due to amount of people at the club plus heavier traffic on the way to the safehouse. Also, on flight missions i can only see the rings that are RIGHT in front of me, makes it extremely hard/impossible to get 4 stars. Please make this game atleast halfway fair.
Tyla ODonoghue review Tyla ODonoghue
Whenever a add pops up and I press the exit button it says that gangster Vegas has stopped and also please make less things that u have to pay for in diamonds and more for in money.
King Billy review King Billy
Game keeps changing my sound and notification settings seemingly in an attempt to get me to watch more ads because every time i start game i notice sound is off, change it, get an ad, go to map get an ad, i understand free involves ads sometime but most of these crash game. Controls need better settings like larger joystick. New update now changed collection times on properties tripling some times. Game is fun but all this and expense of items makes me not to ever spend real money on it.
PinkeBoi review PinkeBoi
A very good game, graphics are awesome and everything. But... can you make thr npc's smarter because like if i steal a lambo or something they just drive on me and then i cant move.. AND please please please please please PLEEEEASE make multiplayer, imagine like how good the game is, and then imagine how fun and good it would be with friends. And the workshop mechanism is too hard. And why everything good needs a stupid vip. Ok, the game is good, and really good game because its FREE. Thanks if you add multiplayer. Thats everything.
Arsh xXx review Arsh xXx
5/5™✓ Feels like GTA 4. And love ragdoll physics open large roads. Bar, club, store, casino and daily online events that makes this game always alive. Just add more entrable buildings like we can enter in our properties. Remove barber shop from game title and also cloths + gun store. And add these cloths, barbershop+weapons shop on the map as a entrable shop. So we can go and drive to buy these things like in SanAndreas. Thankyu so you guys can add 3more icons plus entrable useful shops. Please think about it.
Mervin Abey review Mervin Abey
I just love it ! ! ! ! With these new updates I think it's getting even better than before each time ! ! ! ! The new graphics are soo damn great, the new update made its graphics better and awesome AND they changed the colours of all Limited and Deluxe vehicles to actual shiny gold colour.... it's amazing!!!! Especially the Limited Bustard ??? Everything is great with the new update for now ...... The DRIFTS are the best part they are also great to an extent to be honest, better than other few games at least..... The only thing which seems buggy is that when see an ammo or vehicle or fashion left by the victim, it kinda looks like black like the image is not there at all just an outline of the image is left behind.....
nabi smith review nabi smith
So far so good. I know it been said but man mobile gaming has came a long way. The graphics are better than ps2 era and it feels like a AAA title from those days. Best of all I can play it anywhere and I didn't have to spend 50 bux. Keep it up guys! So far I am blown away!
Theamazingboystunter carret review Theamazingboystunter carret
Do you even know how to make a No room in hell without zombies taking you out of your car so unfair thats bull*hit!

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