Garfield: My BIG FAT Diet APK

Garfield: My BIG FAT Diet
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Everyone’s favorite fat cat is back and ready to DIET! Wait, what?!

Garfield is hungry & craving lasagna! The only problem is, Jon has put Garfield on a diet & is watching his every move! Garfield knows just who to call…

Join Garfield & Cheating Tom, the App Store’s most notorious cheater, as you cheat your way through the best junk food joints in the country! Eat, cheat and eat some more - but don’t get busted! Grab as much food as you can before Jon the dork & Nermal the annoying cat catch you in action.

Sharpen your cat senses & get your game on!

Over 100 challenging, fun & fattening levels!
Just like a real diet, this big fat game is easy to play, but hard to beat!
Compete with friends and check out their progress on the map!

What's inside:
> 100 fattening & junk food-filled levels
> Play as Garfield - unlock tons of crazy costumes
> Become the fattest cat in multiplayer mode
> Awesome power ups for extra Cattitide
> Hilarious animations & reactions from your favorite Garfield characters

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Garfield: My BIG FAT Diet APK reviews

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every time you can win prize if in that level and it great but when jon look at you gafield have to sit at the chair???
I like it
Ektoras Seb review Ektoras Seb
Nice game
Its a cute game with a simple and fun concept, however. I ran out of lives 3 days ago and none of it has refilled and I havent received any daily gifts. The countdown clock on the refill keeps counting down, but when i click on a level it tells me im out of hearts. So I cant play the game anymore.
Christy Dyer review Christy Dyer
Mixed emotions
Great game but it has way, way to many ads. I don't mind games that include ads instead of charging me for the game. But I have spent more time waiting for the ads to be done than I have playing the actual game.
Hazel The Bagel review Hazel The Bagel
This game is a very good game. The main point of this game is to try to get Garfield to finish all the food needed to eat without getting caught by Jon. There are many power-ups you can use as distractions to help make the game easier; such as a dance party, Odie, etc. There are also many different costumes for Garfield you can buy. Although some of the levels can be challenging, the game is still very addictive. I am pleased with the fact that you get power ups every three levels. ??
dolores walsh review dolores walsh
Horrible hope for my dog and the game
I'm having a hard time because my dog just got hit by a car and I'm trying to get my mind off him and I want a game that will help me with my stress and I play this game and it's so stressful because on level 10 it's so hard and I'm so sressed because my dog is so sick and I want a game that will not be sressful I am not sure my dog is going to live tell me would you be sad if your dog got hit by a car that's how I feel I'm so so sad
if we have no life we will have to wait for 5 minuets don't go to another game just so that we could earn a life
Samantha miller review Samantha miller
This game is really fun. But u have to wait for a loading screen every level and they are not that long to start with. They could have sent u to the next screen without all the extra waiting.
Joanne Evertsz review Joanne Evertsz
Nice game to play like Cheating Tom game but cutier, "BUT" you have to "WAIT"for your lives to refill ? which makes you leave the game to play something else for awhile, has those annoying game ads also popping up
Poul N review Poul N
Great Game
This games is great and addictive. But, all those damn ads all the time is ruining the experience
Heather Rojak review Heather Rojak
Great game.. But way to many ads... One after the other
Arielle Bynum review Arielle Bynum
Garfield:My BIG FAT Diet
This game is so amazing.and funny.
Go go super fat cat!!!!
Great time killer!
levi daugherty review levi daugherty
I'm so fat!!!!!!!!!:0
Fatty ratty tatty