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GCash turns your mobile phone into a virtual wallet. Using the GCash app, you can pay for items and send money at the speed of a text message. With GCash, you’ll love the way you pay.

GCash Services

GCash QR: Scan GCash partner merchant QR codes to pay with your GCash App directly. Easy, convenient, and no cash needed!

Buy Load: Purchase load for anyone on any network, anytime you need!

Send Money: Transfer funds to your loved ones anywhere in the Philippines without spending a cent on service fees.

Pay Bills: Skip the long lines when you settle your bills with GCash anytime, anywhere!

Shop Online: Splurge in your favorite international shopping, gaming, and entertainment sites without a physical card, with GCash American Express Virtual Pay - a virtual card linked to your GCash mobile wallet.

Withdraw from PayPal: Link your PayPal account to GCash and transfer your PayPal funds for free.

Book movies: Reserve your movie seats directly within the GCash App! No need to go other online sites or fall in long lines!

Borrow load: Get load even without GCash. Pay later when you cash-in to your GCash wallet!

Cash-in from banks: Move funds from your BPI or RCBC bank account to your GCash - a more convenient way of cashing in!

Receive remittances from MoneyGram and Western Union: Just key in your reference number and automatically receive your remittance without going to physical branches!

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GCash - Buy Load, Pay Bills, Send Money APK reviews

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Rico Duran review Rico Duran
Load to GCash!!!
Please bring it back asap...
Jessie Millano review Jessie Millano
Oh My G
You're so cool!
Bryan Gata review Bryan Gata
Globe outsmarted smart IN ALL INN0VATI0NS AND CREATIVITY. with gcash you can send load even to n0n globe providers, and very easy to shop at google play store with virtual american express card. Kudos.
Eat Than review Eat Than
My account is locked wtf and tour service sucks!
Very Helpful
Nice app.. But my summary of transaction did not display after withdrawal and sending load to other network. Cant view my ledger realtime.
Neo Petiluna review Neo Petiluna
Prepaid load to GCash
Trying to cash-in my prepaid load to gcash. Received an SMS saying that "...prepaid airtime load is currently under maintenance."
Alexandria Gauiz review Alexandria Gauiz
Really helpful
Really helpful and no hassle for every transaction... Go globe
kyn carcedo review kyn carcedo
costs 1peso load to access my account..?
Jake Daniel Feliciano review Jake Daniel Feliciano
No prepaid cash in
Try different mode of payment this not work as advertised.
Kiel del Rosario review Kiel del Rosario
Maintenance too long
My 400 pesos load is about to expire and I can't cash-in my load because of that damn maintenance
Klein Ausejo review Klein Ausejo
Lanie Grace Tabian review Lanie Grace Tabian
Fix Load to Gcash asap!!!!!
Anong petsa na!!!! Mag august na. Mag 1buwan na wala parin!!!!
Mika Lamperouge review Mika Lamperouge
Please bring back the feature of converting prepaid load to gcash. We need it badly. Masyadong hassle mag top up sa iba. Ang tagal na nyan, isang buwan na wala pa din kayong action.
michaella combine review michaella combine
Cant log in
This past week i cant log in. It keeps getting stucked at processing and then goes back at sign in page.