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2.6.1 · Gemons

GPS adventure game. Fight, catch, train and evolve monsters. Online and offline.

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Offers Free
Version 2.6.1
Developer Gemons
Category Games, Adventure
Requirements 7.0

Gemons - GPS Monster Catching 2.6.1 APK description

Gemons - a free GPS monster collecting game.

In 25 story missions you will become a Gemon-Trainer who can discover, fight, capture, train and evolve 60+ different monsters.

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Gemons - GPS Monster Catching latest version

You can catch new monsters using items while being at home or by walking around in real-life using GPS.

Gemons allows you to battle in online multiplayer PvP against friends or play offline in single-player PvE mode. Battles are a turn-based strategy game.

Customize your own character avatar as you like using a vast amount of color options and different avatar templates for an RPG like game experience.

When catching monsters using GPS, the type of Gemons will change based on your real-life environment. While playing outside in the open world you can turn off your smartphones screen to preserve battery and catch the monsters you encountered later. No need to watch your smartphone all the time while playing outside. Focus on your real-life adventure! After catching a monster, you can see on a map where you encountered it.

Want to catch water Gemons but there is no water nearby? No problem, special items allow you to change your experienced environment to catch exactly the type of monsters you need while you are walking.

Every Gemon is unique and can be upgraded with special items to fit your playstyle like in an RPG. Combat is a turn-based strategy game. Every monster can learn 16 abilities out of the 200+ available abilities. After the single-player campaign you can participate in the PvE Gemon-League which provides special rewards and battles with increasing difficulty. Who will be able to claim the top of the Gemon-League?

Watching Ads is and will always be optional. Gemons is free-to-play and everything in the game can be reached through playing the game. No banners or forced ads that ruin your game experience. Gemons is designed to be played in portrait mode with a single hand.

Gemons features many achievements to provide you with an overview of your accomplishments like in an RPG. Compare your achievements with friends or battle them directly to find out who is the better trainer. Gemons is a long-lasting adventure game which you can experience in real-life with your friends.
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Download (37.10 MB)

Latest change log:

Gemons now features 71 monsters, 200+ abilities, 25 unique story missions and 34 different items.

Catch monsters at home or outside using GPS.

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Version Arch OS Updated
2.6.1 (3 variants) Bundles arm64_v8a_21849470.apk Android 7+ 2023-12-07 (21 hours ago)
2.5 (2 variants) Bundles arm64_v8a_21833086.apk Android 7+ 2023-10-02 (2 months ago)
2.4 (2 variants) Bundles arm64_v8a_21837182.apk Android 7+ 2023-08-19 (3 months ago)
2.3.3 (2 variants) Universial Android 7+ 2023-07-25 (4 months ago)
2.3.2 Bundles arm64_v8a_21575038.apk Android 5.1+ 2023-07-17 (4 months ago)