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Thieves have stolen the jewels from the Palace and there is only one person who has the power to get them back!

Journey through mystical worlds with Jenni the Genie and her companion, Trix the Fox, to crush the thieves that have stolen the Palace’s riches. Swap, match, and crush gems, recover ancient relics, and collect gold bars and enchanted keys on this one-of-a-kind enchanted exploration!

With thousands of levels and challenging game modes, and daily events, Genies & Gems provides endless hours of fun and exciting match 3 puzzle gameplay:

-Swap, match, and crush gems in thousands of fun and challenging match-3 puzzle levels
-Collect keys to unlock new worlds and crush challenges!
-Use exciting power-ups the Gilded Rainbow or Gilded Butterfly to swiftly advance through challenging levels!
-Uncover idols and collect gold along the way!
-Play exciting new events and challenging match 3 puzzle levels daily!
-Soaring Streaks: Get prizes for beating levels without losing a life
-Bandit Rush: Catch bandits at different points in your journey to win boosters

Download Genies & Gems and begin your magical journey today!

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Genies & Gems - Jewel & Gem Matching Adventure APK reviews

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Neier Jud Bond review Neier Jud Bond
So cute
Too bad you're required to login to Facebook
Tonia Miller review Tonia Miller
Fun game
Basically candy crush....which I love so this app is a good one.
Desiree Baldwin review Desiree Baldwin
Something went wrong with update
I've bear level 151 twice now and it still won't move me forward to 152. :/
Adrian Tremayne review Adrian Tremayne
Genies & Gems
I got to level 138, and after playing that same level for over 7 hours, with an infinite lives bonus for that time, plus several more hours I could have continued playing, it became obvious the game maker was trying to force me to spend real money to get more moves to finish that level. I won't do that, so I guess I'll have to stop playing even though I've really liked the game until this.
Danielle Ramos review Danielle Ramos
I love it . it really makes you think but is so fun . I wish they wouldn't make all the benefits connected to Facebook because I don't like social media stuff like that I just want to enjoy my game and the extra fun things added
Lodewyk Amerika review Lodewyk Amerika
I'm in love with this game and I enjoy it so much but what I don't get is that why does the game shut down while I'm still playing and then it take one life...I hate it when it does that...please do something about it??
Susan Rothaug review Susan Rothaug
Genies Gems
Always crashes can not still get through a game especially if l am doing well without it disappearing. Done ! Playing the level l am on for a week, tried everything, still can not beat it.
Deedra Judy review Deedra Judy
Instantly crashes when I try to get into a level to play! Loved it before! Was excited to see new levels since I only had one more before I was out of levels. Well, that excitement faded instantly after updating and can't even play! Will change my rating when this issue is fixed and can play again!'s soon! / 2 MORE UPDATES AND STILL CAN'T EVEN PLAY...CLOSES OUT THE MINUTE YOU TRY TO GET INTO PLAY A LEVEL AND COMPLETELY CLOSES THE GAME! "LOVED" THIS GAME!
paul ellwood review paul ellwood
It's ok, up to a point.
As "match three" games go this started in off pretty well. I like the Arabian concept (although a genie would've been a better choice for the main character), the graphics & it runs smoothly without freezing. The first few levels show you how to play & it's easy to pick up. As with all games from this genre the difficulty cracking each puzzle is slowly cranked up & here lies the problem. By the time you hit levels in the late 50s it becomes a chore to play if you're not connected to FB or online :-(
Pam Hubbard review Pam Hubbard
Levels 981 to 1000
On 01/05/17 I updated the next 20 levels to play, 981 to 1000. It took me only 24 hours to finish all levels then the level 1000 was a big disappointment. I open it and that was it. With that level I was expecting a hard level and get a few rewards since it was level 1000. Very crappie. Hope the next 20 is better.
Chey Panda review Chey Panda
So far I haven't run into any problems. This match game is fun so far.
Craig Specht review Craig Specht
This stupid game is rigged!
Carl Broomhall review Carl Broomhall
Prize wheel
Pretty good game really but I do think a free daily prize wheel would be a good idea
Good game and fun
Easy to play
Adrian Chapman review Adrian Chapman
Excellent but prices are crazy!
This is a very well done match 3 game. I love it but if you want to continue past the 5 lives, it will cost you $5. Similar games cost 99c for more lives and Monster Busters give you a whole day unlimited for $5. Also some levels are lazy...tons of multiple hit walls or gaps. Hopefully dev/pub will lower prices to norms.