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This is the official Offline Android App. There are over 800 lessons and 8,000 audio files to help you learn how to speak English fluently. Most lessons contain clickable sentences that you can click to listen to a native English speaker say that sentence. Each lesson page also has a self record tool. You can record your own voice reading that sentence and compare it with the audio file from the native English speaker.

Features and functionality:

- All audio files work without Data or Wifi connection
- Click, listen, and repeat functionality
- Record and play back tool
- Interactive conversation practice lessons
- Hundreds of real life scenarios such as movies, sports, shopping, college life, pets, working, and many more.
- Book mark lessons / Manage favorite lessons feature
- Share feature
- Lesson Search

English categories consist of:

- English Basics
- Regular Daily English
- Business English
- Travel English
- Interview English
- Idioms and Phrases
- Listening Lessons
- Pronunciation Lessons
- English Grammar Basics
- Top 2000 English speaking Vocabulary word list

Due to the many audio files in this program, the file size is very large. Please verify you have access to Wifi in order to download this large file.

TalkEnglish Offline APK reviews

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Abeer Raad review Abeer Raad
It is awesome, i would give TalkEnglish more than 5 stars :) everyone should try it.
Sanchez Dora review Sanchez Dora
..the only thing is that I've paid $ 25 and I still continue having ads. Why?
shaik subhan review shaik subhan
I want to know what the size of offline app files?
Niloy Basak review Niloy Basak
it's really helpful
Pardeep Chhikara review Pardeep Chhikara
Not able to play whole lesson at one time.
Whole lesson is not playable at one time,clicking on each sentence irritating.
Beking Guan review Beking Guan
It is simple and very effective
Easy to use, very useful and effective tool for learning English
Nic Bal review Nic Bal
The best from my point of view
The results will not late too much to appear. The principles are correct and so simple... I can't believe how much time I lost until now with other methods! Who will start with this method is a lucky guy.
kugkik kik review kugkik kik
i have it on ios too
i love this app so much and bought it two times, therefore i need automatic repeat function it will be helpful. thanks
Jason Cai review Jason Cai
excellent app, easy to use and understand
Cris Arreza review Cris Arreza
Love this app
prabhakar noule review prabhakar noule
How i will upgrade it?
bambang oke review bambang oke
Learn Speaking English Everywhere
With offline version, now i can use this app everywhere in my free time.
Quoc-Hung Nguyen mobile review Quoc-Hung Nguyen mobile
Mp-3 files?
Great apps!! Highly recommended. Thanks for the good sevice.
john kiarii review john kiarii
This app is awesome. It gives all the ways to make one understand English properly.
Ibrahim Dal review Ibrahim Dal
Awesome update
very usefull update in new version.