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Discover deals on mobile internet for apps you love – with the flick of a Switch

SWITCH is a Globe-exclusive store that brings you mobile internet access to the most popular apps at the most affordable prices available. Useful control features keep you informed of your mobile internet usage, preventing unwanted charges, so you have full control of your budget. With Globe Switch, you can feel confident to explore a world of amazing deals on mobile internet access like never before.

1. Enjoy permanently FREE access to a selected group of apps and games

2. Spend less on internet access you don’t need – we offer low prices for access to apps for 1 hour, 1 day and 1 week so you don’t have to pay for mobile internet that you don’t use

3. Discover great deals and discounts through our “Hot Deals” notifications – look out for our notifications on limited-time discounts of 50% on selected apps
4. Build the right mobile internet package for you – bundle mobile internet packages with voice and SMS to suit your needs

Data Control:
1. Manage your data usage through our control tab – give yourself full control of your data usage by switching off any apps from consuming data in our control tab

2. Never go over your internet budget again – we give you full visibility into where your usage goes so you never have to worry about over charges. In the usage tab, we analyze how much data and wifi your apps are consuming.

Globe Switch APK reviews

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Facebook - topzarceo review Facebook - topzarceo
John Ray Casay review John Ray Casay
very good
ang galing at ang ganda thanks :) but i wish na madagdagan pa sana ng apps at madagdag sana ang google play games dahil ung ibang apps nirereqyired ito. un lang at bbgyn ko kau ng 5 stars :) thansk
jhezz macalinao review jhezz macalinao
No load dont worry!!!
Very nice apps thanks globe i switch my account in google play games hahahaha kahit walng balance makakapag switch ka sa google play games.....?????
jan ingle review jan ingle
Additional MB and DAYS
Pakidagdagan po ng MB at days ng coc at fb. Saka ko bigyan to ng 5star.
mack mack Balatero review mack mack Balatero
Sana poreber nato?
Fizzy Criot review Fizzy Criot
Unknown problem
I don't know what's going on with this app but they are always putting free offers in the menu selection but whenever I accept the offer it says it is not available. I observed it for days ago. Why you keep on putting free offers when its not available? Ugh. So disappointed.
Dexter Santos review Dexter Santos
Persistent notification, , really??
Why do you put a persistent notification on this thing and not put a way to turn it off???. . It's not like that app will be the center of our lives is it? It's just annoying how it does not have a turn off "switch" in the settings.
LyricsAllYouWant with CyberLink PowerDirector review LyricsAllYouWant with CyberLink PowerDirector
This is a good app, but the applications that are having promos are too limited, I mean, not that plenty. The promos are sometimes not working properly and is too difficult to redeem a free offer. Please add more MB's for the free promos to make it more exciting. Make the free promos that are having 20 MB become unlimited. That's only 20 MB! 20 MB is very far from the data that you have stole from our data. But this app is really good!
Jayvee Galoso review Jayvee Galoso
I only liked it because even when my data has so much load balance, it's still doesn't work. It has a lot of free offers so I liked it??
I disliked it , but actually i liked it before.... WHAT HAPPENED TO THE FREE OFFERS?? Since the app has an update version in this month it change a lot.. The free 20/1hr ??? GONE!! and when i avail the free 20mb for coc .. I can't avail it again after the offer has expired.. Plss fix this !
Johnathan Cheng review Johnathan Cheng
Wishing the app can recognize my own installed apps, and show only promos for those installed apps... Also, why Bigo Live app promo removed?
Jastine Margeux review Jastine Margeux
I can't redeem free offers from apps. But when I redeem google play free data, it redeems fast. If I redeem a free data for 3 apps, it doesn't work! Please fix this!!!!
Fritz Sefuentes review Fritz Sefuentes
So different on data eye. Globe switch has limited promos , but still good app
Billy Jei Bersamina review Billy Jei Bersamina
Unlimited free offer but I'm still downloading and the app always stopped.
L Dytria review L Dytria
This can be a good tool that can also be one of the best. However, still trying to figure out how to complete the verification code... It works fine now without the ver. code, this'll go boom if not one of the best popular, waiting 4 more offers... Hope u'll add some gadget prizes, if not 2day on nxt X-mas, to the spin and we will rage in panic and goosebumps to get it first... Wish u the best luck... :) Aja! Aja! #patience is a virtue...