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GO Launcher – 2019 New Themes Arrival!

🎨Features on the Go Launcher include:

√ GO Theme: Provide 10000+ free mobile themes for android
√ Go Wallpaper: Daily update various sorts of HD wallpapers, including beauty, pet and the great landscape from all over the world
√ Transition Effect: 20+ screen and drawer animation effects
√ Widget: Weather forecast widget, search widget, switches widget and 2018 calendar widget
√ APPs management: Hide & Lock APPs to protect phone security and intruders who try to unlock your APPs without your permission will be taken photos
√ Dr. Clean: Boost your phone speed
√ DIY Live Wallpaper: DIY your live wallpapers with massive stickers, animations and wallpapers

You can find launcher themes, icons, HD wallpapers & widget in GO Launcher, and customize your home screen, menu and even lock screen interface with 3D effects.

2018 Personalized App with 10000 mobile themes
GO Launcher Z is a stylish & personalized application for Android phone, which provides more than 10000 beautiful mobile themes for you. We have professional designers who create abundant stylish launcher themes with a variety of styles every week, including stars, anime, game, cartoon and so on. Screen 3D effects, App Widgets & over 100000 free HD wallpapers are ready for you to customize your home screen, menu and lock screen.

Cool launcher App of your mobile phone
With an independent developed 3D Engine, GO Launcher provides you with extremely fast and secure operating experience with simple, smooth and awesome 3D effects, dedicated to become the world's best partner of users who use Android mobiles in their life and work.

It’s time to download GO Launcher Z and experience the best design of the android themes from Go Launcher! We trust that you will find your favorite launcher themes for android in GO Theme Store.

GO Launcher is deeply convinced that your support has driven development.

There will be ad content shown in certain scenes in our app. For more details, visit https://m.facebook.com/ads/ad_choices.

Contact us: [email protected]
Visit our website: http://www.gomo.com
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GO Launcher - 3D parallax Themes & HD Wallpapers APK reviews

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bamboo trading cards123 review bamboo trading cards123
Realy good
J. Mays review J. Mays
Updates = Reverse Evolution
While the launcher's setup is straightforward, the regular updates have scrubbed away any sort of usefulness: customizing it is impossible. Also, I've been told by various icon designers that Go developers disregard making changes that allow all icons to update to match a downloaded icon theme. Users can then only change it if its listed on the prime page, but not the app drawer. If you want to make individual touches, this is NOT the launcher to use.
Megan Rowley review Megan Rowley
Great launcher
Running android 6 on blu. and it makes my blu android phone look amazing than the stock launcher. I love it and I love how much go launcher let's us customize for our self's but with simplicity. I've had go launcher on all my phones since it first launch.....so a very very long time and kudos to their design team they only make it better and better.
alexander bejenaru review alexander bejenaru
Nothing changed, still a bullshit app full of spam photos, full of spam txt doc. Promise not to even try it again. Those installing that crap i advise you to check from time 2 time ur storage memory to see what I'm talking about.
A Google User review A Google User
Ruined ....
Every update removes more and more features. This app is like evolution in reverse. Its the same with Go SMS, worse with GO SMS actually. The developers must be becoming dumber with each passing month - what else can explain it? Someone tell me? So very confusing and yet so sad to see all this happening to once-great and must-have apps .... wow!
Well it is a really good app but, you have to take up space in your phone so you can download every single theam you want. I also dont like that sometimes a theme will be labelled free, until you download the app. If you fix these problems then I will rate 5 ✴
Keith Rickert Jr review Keith Rickert Jr
Update: Nearly every time I restart my phone I have to redo all my widgets. This began to happen several months ago. I upgraded hoping that would fix the problem. It didn't. Best launcher
Naffu Khan review Naffu Khan
Suneita Baruah review Suneita Baruah
Best launcher till now!
Darryl Romano review Darryl Romano
Product is great.. the daily updates are annoying as hell.. they force a screen to come up and reset all my system widgets. We get the update details in the play store.. don't need a pop up to today the changes!
Maribel Ruiz review Maribel Ruiz
I truly love the Launcher. I just wished that the could work for computers as well. Bur you will hear a complain from. Me
Shue Yang review Shue Yang
After new update, my whole theme got reset, what a waste of space
adrian cadawas review adrian cadawas
cool app
..Seens 2010 my 1st cell phone was HTC GLACIER and the 1st launcher i've used was Go Launcher from that time i love this launcher and in my every new cell phones go launcher is the best !! 5 stars !!