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Melissa Beiza review Melissa Beiza
taro syiesto review taro syiesto
Love it
Damian marley review Damian marley
Ruby Belbes review Ruby Belbes
Hott Boiu review Hott Boiu
Kasthuri Mahendiran review Kasthuri Mahendiran
Superrrrr launcher
Mahmoud Nasr review Mahmoud Nasr
Roza Dimitrieva review Roza Dimitrieva
I love this app! Only disadvantage is that once per day the icons randomly change to the default theme and I have to reapply my theme. Please fix that
rini khare review rini khare
Gabriella Dhomalisty review Gabriella Dhomalisty
Please reply my messages team!
I dont know GO Launcher for my phone seems doesnt work. I cant change my wallpaper although i already setting it. I already apply it. There's 'applying...' but after all it didnt change. My phone is galaxy grand prime. Please tell me the reason why it doesnt work properly on my phone. Cause i already dowbload some cute theme. But i cant apply for the wallpaper. thanks a lot team!
Michele Sparrow review Michele Sparrow
I have written in detail my issues and I read the reviews. So many people are having issues with the same things and you reply with this same nonchalant crap answer. I paid for VIP and I should be able to get the themes hassle free. Instead of sending out updates so often with nothing fixed take the time to read what your customers are saying. Don't make it free to increase downloads,make theme sets and stop taking away good features and replacing them with half developed ones!
Melanie McKeddie review Melanie McKeddie
Fun & Functions Great
This is by far the best launcher I've ever used. I love to have my phone all dec'd out so this is perfect for me. I really like the numerous options available for free, the way it organizes apps. ..everything. Nice effort to give the user so many options without nickel and diming -- free is how it should be. :)
A Google User review A Google User
Widgets option???
Where is it? And if its apart of go launcher why is it so hard to find??
mihir jasani review mihir jasani
why in d world hav u guys removed Gestures from Go Shortcuts!!
hey guys... i hav been using go launcher extensively for d last 1year or so... n was vry used to on using the gestures on double tap!! it has been missing since last few updates!! well... i seek n answer else willb forced to switch to another launcher services!! regards.. MIHIR
Amanda Medlar review Amanda Medlar
I LOVED EVERYTHING (GO) , (05/27/15) Since my last GO LAUNCHER update, Nothing has changed, it's WORSE, EVERY time now it says "Go Launcher NOT RESPONDING" I uninstalled the app for a while, hoping for change, BUT I WAS WRONG. Your company shouldn't have the right to FORCE people to HAVE to use this BS. APP We should be able to Chose which launcher WE WANT TO USE ON OUR PHONES, since WE PAY for OUR PHONES..This app USE to be AMAZING, NOW..well read the review..NO NEED TO RESPOND.. WILL BE IN INSTALLING IT!!