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Go Radar
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This application allows to tag found Pokemons on the map and at the same time to use the submitted monster locations by other users.
Don't forget to enable GPS before using app. Then point to your current location and check submitted nearby places. Also mark caught monsters' position on the map.

You are making the game more enjoyable sharing the positions of Pokemons.

Please don't put bad rating if you issue problems with GPS signal.

This app is not in any way affiliated to The Pokémon Company, Nintendo Co., Ltd., Niantic, Inc. or any other Pokémon GO partner or copyright holder. This app respects copyright laws and expects you to do so too. Happy snapping!

Go Radar APK reviews

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awesome Bear review awesome Bear
People trolls and says they saw articuno and mew or mewtwo
Chloe Jackson review Chloe Jackson
It's good, I love it
Great idea to share pokemon locations, much easier to get them with this app
Devon Flores review Devon Flores
Does not work
Jun Hong review Jun Hong
Don't waste your time
Totally waste of time. Any users can just enter sightings of pokemon. Those not available in SG like mewtwo also seen in SG.
Linda Smith review Linda Smith
Total waste of time & space
99% of the users in here are trolls, posting fake sightings. This wastes space on your phone and your time
anthony daboss review anthony daboss
This is so fake it says that there was a mew but you can't get a new in Pokemon go f this
409Daniel review 409Daniel
Doesn't work
Waste of an app. It's not in real time and doesn't show when rare Pokemon's or any type of pokemon are around...
Lukarius Hunter review Lukarius Hunter
Said there was an Articuno then lied and we drove all the way out for nothing
Not useful
This a waste of time and effort. Just dont download it
Abe Brandon review Abe Brandon
Good effort but.. Full page ads every other click, crashes frequently.
Every other tap throws up a full page ad, couldn't get it to show a single Pokémon, didn't try too hard because the ads annoyed me. Kept crashing. Uninstalled.
Victor McQuillen review Victor McQuillen
0% effectiveness
If I could rate this at -5 stars, I would. Full page ads, no gps support, and it won't even load any spawns. Do not download.
Dave Douglas review Dave Douglas
Works on ios but crashes on android if it didn't crash would be great. Devs u need to fix this.. gave it a 3 star only because I know ios works.
stacey lee review stacey lee
Freezing all the time
Can't even use it. It froze and won't let me use it at all
Izzad Helmy review Izzad Helmy
Does not even work in the first place.
Blank screen with no map layers. Running on Android 5.0.
Watashiwa Hellscythe-des review Watashiwa Hellscythe-des
Crashes upon opening