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GO Weather Widget & Wallpaper, over 50 million users' choice, provides accurate current & future weather info, beautiful widgets & live wallpapers.

Features of GO Weather Widget & Wallpaper
►Weather & Clock Widgets: Easily check the current & future weather info via widgets in 2*1, 4*1, 4*2, 5*1, 5*2 sizes. In the meantime, all widgets can switch between different themes.
►Live Wallpapers: Show real-time weather status with dynamic wallpapers which can by applied to the weather app or even to your home screen.
►Current Weather Info: Detailed real-time weather report, including real-time weather status & temperature, "feels like" temperature, precipitation, UV index, humidity, visibility, pressure, pollen counts, etc.
►Hourly/Daily Forecast: Detailed weather forecast, including weather status prediction, highest/lowest temperature, precipitation, wind, etc. You can check all these data detailed in every single day or even every single hour.
►Weather Alerts: Inform you the real-time weather alerts and warnings.
►Precipitation Forecast: Tell you to bring an umbrella with you before it rains.
►Wind Forecast: Current & future wind force and wind direction information.
►Map & Radar: Show you the interactive dynamic maps, radar and satellite images.
►Health & Sport: Tell you the local health information for your area, and the suitability for different kinds of outdoor activities.

3 Outstanding Characteristics of GO Weather Forecast & Widgets
GO Weather Forecast & Widgets cooperate with AccuWeather which provide the most professional and accurate weather service for 200,000+ locations worldwide.
Beautiful, concise and easy-to-use user interface.
Provides various weather widgets in different sizes , 100+ personalized themes (weather widget themes and weather-reflecting dynamic backgrounds)

Supported Languages
Arabic - العربية
Bulgarian - Български
Chinese - 中文
Chinese(Traditional) - 繁体中文
Czech - Čeština
Dutch - Nederlands
Filipino - Tagalog
Finnish - Suomi
French - Français
German - Deutsch
Greek - Ἑλληνική
Hebrew - Ivrit
Hindi - हिन्दी
Hungarian - Magyar
Indonesian - Bahasa Indonesia
Italian - Italiano
Japanese - 日本語
Korean - 한국어
Lithuanian - Lietuvių
Malay - Bahasa Melayu
Norwegian - Norsk Bokmål
Persian - فارسی
Polish - Polski
Portuguese - Português
Portuguese(Brazil) - Português(Brasil)
Romanian - română
Russian - Pусский
Serbian - Српски
Slovak - Slovenčina
Slovenian - Slovenščina
Spanish - Español
Swedish - Svenska
Thai - ไทย
Turkish - Türkçe
Ukrainian - Українська
Urdu - اردو
Vietnamese - Việt

If you would like to help us with the translation & localization, please join us: https://crowdin.com/project/goweather
Thank you very much!

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E-mail: [email protected]

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GO Weather Forecast & Widgets APK reviews

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Annoying popups even as a paid user
Even if you become a paid user this app will ask you to like them on facebook and install new themes all the time. You will get a popup every time you open the app. CHECK OUT THIS NEW THEME, LIKE US ON FACEBOOK, ARE YOU LIKING THE APP BLAHBLAHBLAH. Don't bother getting the paid version. 1 star for annoying your PAID USERS with CRAP POPUPS THEY DON'T WANT TO SEE. THAT IS WHY THEY PAID IN THE FIRST PLACE, TO GET RID OF NAGGING POPUPS.
osama raouf review osama raouf
A wonderful application which is better, but what happens when formate phone or change the phone I be held prompts the full purchase because this thing came to him by since about a year and unfortunately you change the email was buying again with knowing I would not doubt the faithfulness because I informed you before it was to recover money paid kindly inform me of the importance of you and Mona respect and thanks
Junnan Zhang review Junnan Zhang
Widget! Ads!
The widget is resized so that it cannot cover the width of my home screen. I don't know why. My phone is samsung s6. What's more, I bought the ad-free package before, but now I still see ads in personalization and after I close Go Weather!! What the fxxx???
Julie Wilson review Julie Wilson
I bought the VIP Gold update for Go Weather EX 2 years ago. I had to temporarily uninstall it due space issues on my phone. I have done this several times and it has always updated my VIP update. Now it doesn't. Every time I try to apply a widget theme or background, it wants me to purchase it again. I've tried clearing the cache, restarting my phone, uninstalling and reinstalling it, etc. And yes, I am signed into Google with the same account I used to purchase the upgrade. I have only the one account.
Soumik Hore review Soumik Hore
Constant error message
Getting constant messages on my notification that "Go Weather EX Unexpected e...(something)". Clicking on it does nothing. Please fix this ASAP
Dotty Simmons review Dotty Simmons
This is the best!! I use it everyday!!
sean noonan review sean noonan
Note 4 lollipop 5.1.1 t mobile rooted
I have the galaxy gear s. is their a app on the way for it? that would be awesome. Almost Every day in the afternoon I get a triangle warring saying it crashed .and it won't let me send a error report
farhan mehmood review farhan mehmood
Used to love it
Used to love it once now it just gone downhill the weather info is wrong no option for weather update interval and UI is messy previous UI was much much better
Beth S review Beth S
Thanks for fixing the crashes!!!
Masudul Alam review Masudul Alam
I liked it very very much. By now I am facing toooooo many problems. Now it don't show the weather forecast n even my current location. Pls GO team fix it as early as date.......
Jesse S review Jesse S
Used to be great
Function and presentation are great. Pushing unsolicited ads on to my home screen (blocking me from using my phone until they finish or are dismissed) and lock screen is not.
Sarah Lee review Sarah Lee
I love this app. And now it's been updated, it actually tells the right weather xXxXxXxXx
Sagar Chowdhury review Sagar Chowdhury
Good Apps.
Started serving ads again after an update. Why??? Edit: fixed after the complaint Edit2: although I have bought it, it still asks me questions to rate it and to give it 5 stars, so here's 2.
Frankie Gee review Frankie Gee
The Gee
Just what I have been looking for. Let's you know all aspects of the weather Great Find, Very Informative