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Golden Roll: The Yatzy Dice Game

2.3.2 · Greener Grass

Play the gold standard of real-time multiplayer yatzy!

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Version 2.3.2
Developer Greener Grass
Category Games, Board
ID company.greenergrass.goldenroll
Requirements 4.4 and up

Golden Roll: The Yatzy Dice Game 2.3.2 APK description

Play dice with real people in real time.

You may know this game of luck and skill by another name (e.g., yacht). It is the Poker Dice-style game we all know and love with five dice and 13 rounds in which you try to achieve the highest score possible by scoring once into each of the 13 available categories (e.g., 3-of-a-kind, straights, full house). Yet, with its realistic dice and unique combination of features, we believe it deserves a name of its own: Golden Roll. This is how we set the gold standard in realtime multiplayer yatzy:

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Golden Roll: The Yatzy Dice Game latest version

REALTIME DUELS. Play against other people around the world! No idling. No trash talk. No waiting for turns. Enjoy a quick online duel against a real person in one sitting. Just choose a table that suits your style, and you’re rolling in a minute. Your friend just came online? Nice. Challenge them to a “friendly” duel in an instant.

SINGLE-PLAYER CHALLENGES. Do you find time pressure stressful? Test your skill and luck at your leisure in our daily and weekly challenges against AI opponents. Do you have what it takes to reach the top of the challenger list, and can you win all the coins before the end of the week?

GLOBAL LEADERBOARD, DAILY TASKS, and THE DICE ROAD. A tight set of features shows your rank, measures your progress, and grants access to big rewards.

DICE DARTS. This fresh, exciting single-player mode can also be played without time pressure. Your goal is to make it from 501 points to 0 in ten turns. Scoring a category decreases that amount from your total score. Take advantage of score multipliers but remember, going below 0 points gets you back to 50 points. Get to zero with “darts” left to win big!

VIRTUAL DICE. Our dice look and feel real, just like the dice in your favorite real-world tabletop games! Play matches to earn new dice and playmats that express your style.

GOLDEN ROLLS. Earn extra rolls for that little competitive edge! Turn the course of the game to your favor by rolling the titular extra roll. Available in both single and multiplayer modes.

QUICK TUTORIAL. If you’re new to the game or you’ve forgotten the rules, take the tutorial, and you’ll be rolling in no time.

FAST AND INTUITIVE GAMEPLAY. Familiar rules and easy one-thumb play.
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- Bug fixes

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Version Arch OS Updated
2.3.2 Universial Android 4.4+ 2022-01-14 (5 months ago)
2.3.1 (2 variants) Universial Android 4.4+ 2021-12-22 (6 months ago)
2.3.0 Universial Android 4.4+ 2021-10-24 (8 months ago)
2.2.3 Universial Android 4.2+ 2021-03-26 (1 year ago)
2.2.2 Universial Android 4.2+ 2021-02-10 (1 year ago)
2.2.1 Universial Android 4.2+ 2021-01-29 (1 year ago)
2.2.0 Universial Android 4.2+ 2020-12-16 (1 year ago)
2.1.1 Universial Android 4.2+ 2020-10-22 (1 year ago)
2.0.0 Universial Android 4.2+ 2020-10-09 (1 year ago)