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<span >Good alarm clock without ads</span>

Good alarm clock without ads APK reviews

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App did not ask acces to data on my phone. THAT is good.
Lumtuan Channel review Lumtuan Channel
Best app thank you
Taren Charter review Taren Charter
This alarm has to be reset everyday even though it's on repeat.Most times the alarm doesn't go off it's very unreliable
Robert Root review Robert Root
Total POS. Not much more to say.
Manoharan.V.N. Nair review Manoharan.V.N. Nair
Very useful for all Android users
Van review Van
Lame time picker
Lovely alarm. Easy to set and dismiss, intuitive, and best of all a nice way to wake up.
Jude Glendinning review Jude Glendinning
Easy to understand
Littleminx isthename review Littleminx isthename
I can't stand loud alarms as being woken up suddenly puts me in a bad mood. This alarm is brilliant and wakes me up very slowly without wanting to chuck my tablet across the room. Fab app thanks
Tyrone Slothrop review Tyrone Slothrop
The audio selections are not sorted, making it very slow and tedious to select one. It would be great if ringtones, alarm tones, and musical selections could be selected separately, but I get that that would be a lot of additional GUI. But alphabetical presentation of all available audio files would be an improvement.
carla911pr63 review carla911pr63
Thank God I finally found an alarm that doesn't put adds on my phone. An AlArm that is super easy to operate and huge screen for my start if golden age years. The sound is so nice, wakes me up softly, calmly as the volume goes higher. I love the Big snooze button. Highly recommend... Yo totalmente so lo recommend. Great Job guys!!!.. Many blessings to you and keep up the good work. Carmen from Orlando Florida
I installed it the first time and it worked. But then it stopped working. So I reinstalled thinking that would make it work and it didn't. So I am unstalling
Kosh Koshak review Kosh Koshak
Exellent app! Really without ads! Help me every day!
Ahmed Othman review Ahmed Othman
I loved your app specially no adds and other applications have one , second very simple, third works effectively, forth the brightness not too shy specially I don't like lights in the morning very nice app much appreciated I hope you continue your progress :) also the background is very good
Danielle Thomas review Danielle Thomas
Love the app. Simple design and intuitive. Nice background pictures to choose from. Free version had everything you could possibly need in an alarm clock. Will look into doing the paid version as the developer seems to really care about the folks downloading his app.