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GoodCraft — Free and incredibly beautiful game about Blocks and endless Adventures.
In this incredible and totally free game you can destroy all the blocks, collect resources, survive and build a very beautiful building.

In this game you will see:
A huge number of blocks.
More than ten mobs (animals).
Very nice texture in high resolution.
The highest optimization, the game runs smoothly even on low-end phone!
Very convenient and thoughtful game control.
High FPS, without compromise.
Cube world of endless possibilities is now available for free!

GoodCraft APK reviews

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Werewolf Loverz review Werewolf Loverz
Rate: 4
I rated 4 because it is good, I love the texture and stuff. It's just that I can't get on the menu. Do I have to delete mcpe or no? Please reply for what I do. I am very confused
Jose Carballido review Jose Carballido
Is it just me or what when I downloaded it it wasn't Minecraft it was some weird Minecraft and the pictures those where there is a hot bar there isn't one don't downlode bring mcpe back ???
Brittany Jackson review Brittany Jackson
I love it
It's just the ads that make me mad and in the game I spaz out . But it is tots awesome I can't get a hold of it WOOOOOOOAAAH!! :-)
AlecMills《》 review AlecMills《》
I love it
Its a awesome free versoin of mcpe all the ios people are jellouse because they dont have goodcraft on ios lolol
Nathanial Adams review Nathanial Adams
It doesn't have any mobs
My brother showed me this game and it looked cool I got it the first time and I loved it but now it's different when I got it again. The place looks different no mobs or settings and there are just a few blocks that you build with. I will rate it to a five if you can see what the heck happened to it ????????
Walter mcGill review Walter mcGill
Bad want minecraft but can't bye anything stupid