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Lieke g review Lieke g
I think since the last update it isn't possible anymore to make screenshots in incognito modus. I use incognito modus for when I don't want the stuff that I search for to be saved in my browser history but sometimes I want to share the things I find. I used to use screenshots for that because it's an easy way to share stuff. It disappointed me that now chrome kind of chooses for me that I can't do that anymore.
Waleed Ch review Waleed Ch
Same issue...!! Please fix this, it is there even after many updates..(galaxy tab 4, kitkat)
Whenever I play a video and makes it forward it works..But after 1 or 2 times of forwarding it only changes time from the bottom bar while video does not respond to command and keep playing at previous position..
Let's all talk about this the Google Chrome browser Is The #1 Browser it's fast and they don't ask me for a single $- PLUS no ads only websites you visit have ads- FIREFOX IS VERY SLOW and so is silk and safari don't even get me started I think everyone should stick with chrome for the rest of there life noting can beat CHROME!
Rails0512 review Rails0512
Wish i could rid myself of this
Slowest browser on the android market. Would pay if it meant it was faster. Only reason i used this is for my chromecast, and even then its a pain. Waste of space.
Angelo Louverdis review Angelo Louverdis
Needs work.
Crashes often (poor resource management), reload button, built in ad blocker, and incognito mode like the desktop version.
Ralph Rosseno review Ralph Rosseno
Best Browser Around By Far
As of 2016, Google Chrome is still the best all around browser that anyone could possibly install on their device. No matter what kind of phone it is that you are using, Google Chrome has always given me, and I shure million of other people, the kind of browsing experience that you could ever want. Chrome gives users the ability to do all sorts of customizations that you never knew was even an option, or possible for just browsing, or anything else you may want, or think of.
David Druckenmiller review David Druckenmiller
No extension support
It's an OK browser, but it can be slow and doesn't have any support for browser extensions as its desktop version has. Firefox and Dolphin are better browser choices on Android. Even Iron Browser (built on the same base Chromium source code as Chrome) is a better option. No dark theme. No option to disable page audio, so no listening to music while browsing the web on any page audio ads. Very limited, as we've come to expect from Google. After all, they know what's best for us more than we do.
Sabastian Wood review Sabastian Wood
Awesome. My main browser. Phone came with it, glad it did. I hate the stock Internet app. well at least on 4.4.2 on Samsung it sucks. Runs descent but chrome still runs better and looks way better. Just uses so much cache. Other than that no complaints.
Naresh Madhur review Naresh Madhur
Classic and Simple. + A bug
Great interface, tabs are easy to switch and the app as a whole, highly reliable. But there's a bug that I've been facing. Everytime I open the app, if I've closed all the previous tabs of last time, it opens the default page, but in that, the search bar is initially at the top, and as I start typing, it suddenly goes down and shows the Google welcome page of the browser. So I've to type again. Please fix this, and I promise to give 5 stars.?
Ray Sider review Ray Sider
For the past week or so I haven't been able to use Facebook. Every time I try to use Facebook it goes to a white screen as if its loading my news feed but then it goes to a complete black screen and say app is not responding. I love facebook and never really had a problem with this app but this is annoying.
Diego Zocco review Diego Zocco
Horrible update
Still the same problem: why need 2 touches to access bookmarks? Oct 27, 2016: Bring the bookmarks access button to the front again. Even better, bring up my bookmark list directly when I open en new tab. Give us an option to not show suggested pages in the new tabs.
Jorge Rider review Jorge Rider
The AMP is simply AWFUL. Why I cannot access the URL of the website I am looking? I want my search engine to give me results, not to control all. For the moment, moving to another default browser until they remove this super-agressive AMP.
Andrew Hopkins review Andrew Hopkins
The browser itself is fine. The removal of the bookmark button at the bottom of the screen is not on. Now we have a mess of recent downloads, recent bookmarks and news.stories I couldn't give a.stuff about. If I want a news.story I will go look it up, nothing I find more annoying than an app using my data to punt stories. It's a browser it is used for browsing web NOTHING more. Allow me the option to disable this mess and put back a bookmarks button. Stop changing things for the sake of changing things with out the end user having the option to switch off the unnecessary bloat.
Muhammad Sobhy Abdulkhalek review Muhammad Sobhy Abdulkhalek
Smooth till today
I am using chrome on desktop and mobile since they were introduced and i have never had an issue untill today when I suddenly wasn't able to surf any site unless i add https before the url however other browsers work normally and i testes it a cross multiple networks.. So whats the resolution for this?

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