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Create, edit and collaborate with others on documents from your Android phone or tablet with the Google Docs app. With Docs you can:

- Create new documents or edit existing files
- Share documents and collaborate in the same document at the same time.
- Work anywhere, anytime - even offline
- Add and respond to comments.
- Never worry about losing your work – everything is saved automatically as you type.
- Research, right in Docs with Explore
- Open, edit and save Word documents.

Permissions Notice
Contacts: This is used to give suggestions of people to add to files and share with.
Storage: This is used to save and open files on USB or SD storage.

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Marcelo De Tomasi review Marcelo De Tomasi
Crashes on Lenovo K3 Note
Using AOSP 5.1 ROM. I can open the app ok but when I try to open a document it just crashes the app. Google sheets is ok.
Joni Hood review Joni Hood
Haven't had much need for these. Maybe I don't know enough to use it efficiently.
Stephen De Tomasi review Stephen De Tomasi
Crashes immediately when opening docs
This app is fantastic and a great tool for the busy individual... when it works . Unfortunately, since switching to my Lenovo K3 Note (running "Nexus 8" AOSP ROM) it crashes immediately when trying to open any google document. Google sheets works fine and everything else on this phone works but not google docs! Let me know if you need logs.
Elias Sayegh review Elias Sayegh
Must Have
Very handy application ! Now I can access all my online documents through my phone !
MC Weekly review MC Weekly
The fact that it is accessible from any device with internet is brilliant and really useful for people taking notes for college and assignment work.
Sebrya Abdussalaam review Sebrya Abdussalaam
Lovey love love
I totally wish that I could give this more stars than this its an amazing app thank you google
Hosain AlSaleh review Hosain AlSaleh
The annoying things
Should be an option to disable online completely, and remove the annoying logo when you start the app. It takes too much time.
Tegwin McCorkle review Tegwin McCorkle
Pages please.
I really liked it. I'm working on something for school on it. I really like working on it and I don't want to bug my parents and grandparents just so I can get on their laptop. On the internet it has pages. But not on the app. Please add pages because I'm writing a story and I'm going to end it on the 7th or 8th page but in the app I don't know where to stop. Please add pages and then I will make there be done stars.
silencio matteo review silencio matteo
Zoom? Reflow?
Umm.. can't read that small text. Zoom zooms in, but doesn't reflow. Kinda fail. Most (every)other doc app has Mobile View.. didn't this'un used to too?
Hisako Tsukino review Hisako Tsukino
Sucks donkey ass! Doesn't work at all. -.-
Willow Thompson review Willow Thompson
Need more fonts
There arent many fonts and i could do better on a computer when it come to fonts, not my phone
Darren Meng review Darren Meng
No passcode lock
can't understand why u make iOS version more secure and making for Android security like Suck .... that's why i disabled all my mobile built-in Google apps like Drive in all phones... and now only use Dropbox which provide Passcode.
Lucy Noh review Lucy Noh
Needs fixing
It was working perfectly fine but after the update it kept crashing and lagging. Please fix it.
Samuel Farmer review Samuel Farmer
So dissipointing
I was so happy until I discovered this is a subscription needed app first you tube now this Google is no longer the open and free company I had imagined time to look elsewhere
Andrew Hunter review Andrew Hunter
Wasn't broken
"Formatting tools right when you need them" seems to be defined in some infuriating way. Trying to access the formatting menu without losing the edit point has become difficult. Could we have this behaviour configurable - "Make edit menu always visible - tick"? Or alternatively have it context familiar. A tablet generally has the space to display format menu permanently.