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GOQii: Smart Preventive Healthcare for you and your family
Family Care with Personalized One-on-One Coaching, Doctor Consultation and Expert advice + Activity Tracking + Rewards

GOQii (pronounced “go-key”) goes beyond basic activity tracking by giving your and your family access to professional GOQii Care Team

GOQii Family Care
Family Care encourages you as well as your entire family to make a sustainable shift towards a healthy lifestyle. GOQii family care connects, tracks and takes care of entire family’s health with Consults from GOQii Care Team.
GOQii Family Care would be managed by GOQii Care Team consisting of GOQii Coach, GOQii Doctors and GOQii Experts. Family-centered care emphasizes on collaborating and would bring accountability and healthy behaviour changes in family.

GOQii Personal Coaching
Whether your goal is to feel better, get healthier, lose weight, sleep better, or break a bad habit, your GOQii coach will help put you on your best path to success. You will get consistent support, motivation and expertise through unlimited text chats and scheduled calls through the app.

GOQii Doctor
GOQii Doctor is a qualified physician who will be available on the GOQii platform to provide consultations. This is your lifestyle Doctor who can give you a basic health consult and 2nd opinions. It is not a replacement for your regular Doctor and should not be consulted for any emergency medical situations or critical health conditions. GOQii Doctor do not prescribe medicines.

GOQii Expert
GOQii Expert is a subject matter expert who resolve your health concerns. You can ask you and your family’s health concerns and get answers from health experts.

Centralised GOQii Health Locker
With GOQii Health Locker, you can now keep track of your and your family member’s health records in one place that's organized and available to them online through the app. You can now get the lab results, prescription history etc. directly into Health Locker and use or share it as needed.

GOQii Health Risk Assessment (HRA)
GOQii provides you with a Health Risk Assessment (HRA) questionnaire to help you better evaluate health risks and quality of life. The screening assigns you with a health risk score and generate a comprehensive report for the GOQii Care Team to evaluate.

GOQii Karma
GOQii Karma is a philanthropic platform designed by GOQii to enable you to help others as you achieve your goals. You are rewarded with Karma points that you can use as virtual currency to make donations towards any of the worthy causes listed on the GOQii Platform. In lieu of this virtual donation, GOQii’s Karma partners will make a real monetary donation.

GOQii Arena
GOQii Arena allows you to get influenced and be motivated by friends in making a lifestyle change for the better and get healthy. You can connect with new people and spread the word of health and fitness and magnify one’s own fitness and health quotient.

GOQii Health Store - Marketplace for Health Products and Services
GOQii’s Health Services Marketplace offers a whole suit of health products and services in partnerships with various health service providers. (Currently available only in India)

GOQii Rewards
With GOQii Rewards, you will get GOQii Cash points which can be redeemed for multiple health products/ services. (Currently available only in India)

GOQii Diagnostics
You can book lab tests from the comfort of your home through the GOQii app and get discounts on family health checkups and other lab tests. (Currently available only in India)

GOQii App
All the GOQii Services and features are made available to you on GOQii App.
Key features include:
Communicate with coach via chat and calls
Consult with GOQii Doctor and Expert
Manage family health
Goal and habit tracking
Track sleep, steps, active time, distance, Log meals and water intake
Manage your health and fitness data with Health Locker
Connect GOQii Tracker, other apps, devices and your phone’s motion sensor
And more!

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GOQii - Smart Preventive Healthcare APK reviews

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rajesh naganathan review rajesh naganathan
Bad ui
Paresh Patil review Paresh Patil
New update Works best on my new moto g 3rd gen
IDEO syncracy review IDEO syncracy
Hangs a lot
Why does this app hang so much? I open the app and I leave it running in the background. Then, when I go back to the app, it doesn't function. I have to shut it down then restart the app again. What's the point of buying a band and then not being able to synchronize it in real time?
Ambalika Handoo review Ambalika Handoo
Great Innovation
Great app, but need to add more features like the Garmin and fitbits of the world.
Kavitha Shettigar review Kavitha Shettigar
Amazing APP
Just loved the app. Keep adding more features though
Ruta Satam review Ruta Satam
Loved the appp
loved the new app!!
Anurag Mishra review Anurag Mishra
Steps not getting synched
Nimisha Goyal review Nimisha Goyal
Need lot of work
Sampada Bhat review Sampada Bhat
Awesome venture and very helpful App
Shwetha Sivaraman review Shwetha Sivaraman
Terrible app
The band is great, the concept of the brand brilliant. But the app just kills everything. None of the features work, cannot even observe data recorded in the app, hangs regularly, even the basic features have gone wrong.
sahil arora review sahil arora
Worse app
Not sure how to get the money back I spent on this useless band and this free of cost useless app.
Akshay kale review Akshay kale
Slow response, sluggish needs alot of work, crashes wen I open the sleep tab, feeling cheated.
Discount Broking review Discount Broking
Sleep data
When I click to see the data it always force closes on me.. :(
Dhananjayan Kalimuthu review Dhananjayan Kalimuthu
App sluggishness and too many crashes were fixed to a certain extend. But still the performance of the app can be improved. As of now the app shows a simple dashboard. But it would be good if a better daily/weekly/monthly report is integrated with the app itself. I guess the coaches can see something like that. also it should be easy and intuitive to add the food/water/exercise inputs.
Taruna Vasyani review Taruna Vasyani
Doesn't allows to select coach and connect my phone with app