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India’s leading smart preventive healthcare company geared with experts in nutrition and fitness to help you get healthy, active and fit!

GOQii (pronounced “go-key”) goes beyond basic activity tracking. With GOQii you get access to:

GOQii Play - Video Coaching
India’s first health and fitness OTT Platform, GOQii Play offers you access to LIVE Videos by experts on health, nutrition, exercise, Zumba, yoga, meditation & a lot more! Learn from experts, engage with them in real time and get your queries answered.

GOQii Health Store
GOQii’s own e-commerce store that offers a plethora of healthy products and services curated by our experts such as healthy food, snacking options, exercise equipment and supplements, etc. You can even book lab tests from the comfort of your home (Currently available only in India)

GOQii Rewards
With GOQii Rewards, you will get GOQii Cash points which can be redeemed for discounts on multiple health products/ services. Watch out for daily Flash Sales to get MASSIVE DISCOUNTS as well (Currently available only in India)!

GOQii Doctor
GOQii Doctor is a qualified physician who will be available on the GOQii platform to provide consultations. This is your Lifestyle Doctor who can give you a basic health consult and 2nd opinions.

GOQii Tracker
GOQii app is designed to work with GOQii Trackers. Sync your GOQii Vital ECG, GOQii HR, GOQii Vital, GOQii Run-GPS, GOQii Element or the GOQii Stride Tracker with your device wirelessly.

Based on the trackers, they can help you monitor your Steps, Distance, Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, ECG, GPS view, Call/SMS Notification and more.

GOQii Arena
This allows you to get influenced and be motivated by friends in making a lifestyle change for the better and get healthy. You can connect with new people and spread the word of health and fitness and magnify one’s own fitness and health quotient.

GOQii Karma
This is a philanthropic platform designed to enable you to help others as you achieve your goals. You are rewarded with Karma points that you can use as virtual currency to make donations towards any of the worthy causes listed on the GOQii Platform. In lieu of this virtual donation, GOQii’s Karma partners will make a real monetary donation.

GOQii Personal Coaching
Whether your goal is to feel better, get healthier, lose weight, sleep better, or break a bad habit, your GOQii Coach will help put you on your best path to success. You will get consistent support, motivation and expertise through unlimited text chats and scheduled calls through the app.

#BeTheForce with Akshay Kumar and GOQii

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GOQii - Preventive Healthcare. APK reviews

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kiran sahane review kiran sahane
This is pathetic app. The tracker is even worst.. Don't waste money and time over these frauds.. They gave tracker with beta / experimental version of firmware to me. When I raised the question they said it's the problem in phone.. I think the goqii gang just import the tracker from China and sell it in India.. They don't have any knowledge about its functioning and problems customer face.. And don't go by the rating. All the coaches are using tracker and app. Since these coaches are employees of the goqii company they have to give the higher rating.. Actual rating must be less than three. If you want to waste your money and you like gambling then only you should buy it. If you are lucky you will get good tracker or good coach.. And if you are super lucky then you may get both.. Stay away from it.. And save your money. You can invest the same in gym and get good instructor there. Or you just can buy some fitness equipment..
Ceno Sure review Ceno Sure
Newer version is much more stable
Thx for immediate bug fixing, New version is much more stable and faster. Old comment - After installing update to my MotoG3 Marshmallow,,,except synch activity no window opens,,,previously the entire app was working perfect,,even the chat window closes down,,m seriously luking for a quick fix
Hemanta Choudhury review Hemanta Choudhury
Goqii is more of eco system of good health than just a fitness band. I do agree there us lots if bugs, things to improve but the kind of money they are taking for the service is worth it. Yes coach plays a major role here and goqii should put lot of effort to choose the right coach. Last but not the least its you who has to put effort to see the changes you are trying to achieve.
Prabhu G review Prabhu G
The app doesn't allow you to change the address for delivery of the items booked through it. It has taken some name of a city and not allowing you to change it. Please rectify the issue. I am not able to order a single item through this app.
Sandip Roy review Sandip Roy
Is there a way to show battery percent?
Great updates every time. Can there be an update to show the battery percent of GOQii tracker on the app?
pramod yadav review pramod yadav
Useless app every time the device loses its connection with phone though used with latest Nougat. I recommend do not buy this scrap go for Mi it is far better
Seema Sethi review Seema Sethi
How do we have to set the time and date on GOQii tracker.....
Sahil Raheja review Sahil Raheja
Nice update but some bugs are still there
GOQII there are some bugs which are to be fixed. Firstly the habits and home section don't show correct data untill clicked. (It shows mostly 0% sleep and on clicking it, it shows correct data. Secondly the quick log doesn't shows logged items. Thirdly in social a person whom we have sent a friend request, we are not able to view his profile. In the next update please you must introduce a widget with karma points and also a sync one. #betheforce
Adil Bamanbehram review Adil Bamanbehram
Like always, syncing between the device and app has been a tedious task. And ever since the update, it has been an issue. It simply says- connecting... That's it! Despite restarting Bluetooth, goQii app, internet connectivity and re-approving device permission, it just doesn't connect. Totally lost interest in syncing the device, simply using it as a digital watch (whose battery eventually will die off in approx 2 weeks). Should have seriously invested my money in something else.
Virender Choudhary review Virender Choudhary
It's a awesome app, which is digital by nature but personalized by its feature
Puneet Mahajan review Puneet Mahajan
The syncing with the app takes forever. I have to close the app multiple times and then open even though it shows the correct number of steps in the day. I really don't understand how it taken 3-4 mins and that too after multiple app starts to get the app to sync with the band and then show correct timestamp of last sync. The number of steps takes 5 seconds to update, what is the app doing for next 4 mins?? Frustrating experience!
Ankit Sharma review Ankit Sharma
App is not intuitive. Just installed the app and while setting up profile I could not make changes to setup height. After trying multiple times I moved to next step leaving height to default 6 ft, thinking I would change it later on. Sadly there is no option to view or update profile. Response of app is very slow.
manish wadhwani review manish wadhwani
Sync issues. App not able to get right steps and sleep data from band. Please fix it. And I'll change the rating
Akaah Kanade review Akaah Kanade
Loved the recent update v 1.2.88
Most of d bugs r addressed, app is as smooth as butter. Best part is we can choose r own notification which can be displayed in the band. Syncing issues n connectivity issue has improved a lotttttt. Chat interface can be compared with WhatsApp n mesaenger. Way to go team GOQii.
ragu raman review ragu raman
Vibration not working
from starting onwards, vibration was not working..just now i reconigzed from others..no vibratiomon as seen on during call/ messages/ any apps notification...pls correct this issue..