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Jiahui Poh review Jiahui Poh
Can't link with iPad progress. Where's my apron? ?
Was excited for the Android release because I've been playing it on my iPad for quite some time. But I am slightly disappointed that I can't seem to link my iPad progress with my Android phone's even though I've linked my Facebook account for both. And I can't seem to redeem the registration apron either.):
Carlo Aguiluz review Carlo Aguiluz
Amazingly challenging!
Really good and I like how the pressure builds up as you progress further.. It drains too much battery and lags every now and then even on a 3GB Ram tablet, just needs a little more optimization and lastly, don't censor Gordon's cuss words and he's a bit too nice.
Lauren Farmer review Lauren Farmer
I love this game. Everything about it is great. I loved Playing Diner Dash as a kid. The only thing I don't like is how hard it is to get gold. After you upgrade stuff a certain amount of times, it asks for ridiculous amounts of gold and I'd rather not have to pay for it. The only other complaint I have is every time I open the app it freezes and I have to force close it. It's every time. And sometimes I have to do it a couple times before it works after closing it. It'd be awesome if you guys could fix that! Otherwise I love it :)
Teona Samsonadze De Jiménez review Teona Samsonadze De Jiménez
Love it
A bit confusing at first, especially in terms of avatar change, but pretty clear after season one. Gordon's voice was a lovely surprise, feels nice when he tells you you did great :))
Cassandra Chen review Cassandra Chen
I really like almost everything about it, just needs to work on the some bugs. Customer service is hella nice too
Jacob Bard review Jacob Bard
It is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fun and exciting and the first time Gordon said a bad word I laughed my eyeballs out, good job on the
Angela Abeyti review Angela Abeyti
So far so good...
Just your standard dash type of game. I do appreciate the unique take to it though I am looking forward to seeing more customization to the characters and restaurants etc. From what I've played so far it's a fun little app. Kinda sad they beeped the cussing but I understand the reasoning for it ;)
Kristine Cicalese review Kristine Cicalese
It is a fun game. It is buggy sometimes. Dont use the more options section to earn in game money. You never actually recieve the in game money.
Sara Detty review Sara Detty
Great game . everyonce in a while a bad update that makes the game freeze but fun game
Tommi Vanhala review Tommi Vanhala
Enjoyed it!
I really like this game. It has nice graphics, story and well made dash game. I like avatar customation and Gordon's lines even though he seems a bit nice in this. Only problem I have with this game is occasional lag, needs some optimization. Problem shouldn't be in my phone (Galaxy S6 Edge). Fix lag issues and I'll give 5 stars easily :)
Jennifer Spears review Jennifer Spears
Love the game but gold is hard to come by and it costs a lot of gold to upgrade things.
Mike Sisco review Mike Sisco
Keeps freezing and crashing
Sharon Lewis review Sharon Lewis
Massive Gordon fan!!!
Game is laggy on times, but over all a very brilliant game. I absolutely love games like this. Keep up the good work guys!!! ?
Martha Lozano review Martha Lozano
It's very addicting
Lesley Atkins review Lesley Atkins
Fun game