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GPS JoyStick Fake GPS Location
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Allows you to test location based apps by mocking your location via an overlay joystick control!

Will overwrite your current location and any third party apps, websites or services will think you're in New York, London or any other place in the world!

This app has a "JoyStick" option which makes it simple and fun to change your location instantly.

- For versions Marshmallow (6.0) or higher, simply select GPS JoyStick as the "Mock Location" app in "Developer Options" and then check the "Enable Indirect Mocking" option in the app!
- For older versions, or if any issues are encountered, we've assembled a FAQ with steps on how to make this app work for you! Please read it carefully before emailing or leaving a review:

- Changes GPS location instantly and easily
- Select your current location or any location in the world using the map or joystick
- Enter latitude/longitude directly from the joystick and teleport anywhere
- Change your location in any direction you point the joystick
- Have 3 customizable speeds for your joystick
- Create and save a route using any number of points on a map and walk automatically
- Pause and continue the route directly from the joystick
- Use loop or reverse route mode to walk on your route over and over
- Keep track of your favorite list of locations and routes
- Hide option in the notification to show/hide the joystick on your screen
- Size and opacity settings for the joystick
- Lots of settings options for complete user customization

Plus this app automatically includes the best algorithm for providing realistic GPS values. All of these variance options are available in Settings to allow complete customization for the best and most realistic location testing.

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Anton Andrews review Anton Andrews
Works great. The only issue I'm having is that i cannot turn off location services. I have a rooted device and have used Lucky Patcher to move it to the system partition. I select the option to disable location services, within the app, reboot, the first boot gets past bootscreen but immediately reboots, then gets stuck in a bootloop. I am able to constantly re-create this. I can provide a logcat of the boot as required.
Priyesh Patil review Priyesh Patil
Tell us what you think
JR LJ review JR LJ
Awesome awesome awesome
Remarkable to include all of the features that were needed. Route pausing & looping, different speeds and hiding! These high level combinations make for the ideal gps faking app!
David Heiman review David Heiman
It works good for the most part. The only thing I don't like which I can only assume would get most people banned from a certain game. Is when they have an update for this app there is no warning. So when you start the game it does the whole rubber band thing till you update the app. Also FAQ worked great for me!! Rubber banded like no other till I used the heavy duty aluminum foil.
Nice but not working ?
I am using it in pokego but not moving even a step plz help .... my device is lolipop
Boy Bisaya review Boy Bisaya
Help how can I make the joystick re appear. It appeared first but I haven't read the instructions so it disappeared. I tried clicking start to make it appear but it says turn on the location GPS. Hope someone respond immediately.
KoalaPoweredGaming007 KOALAS review KoalaPoweredGaming007 KOALAS
Update and will like
You can't use it for Pokemon go and then I will rate 5 stars.??
Leesha Navrange review Leesha Navrange
Joystick works but it failed to detect location in lolipop .Tried everything but no luck. It's working in my other marshmallow phone but not in lolipop one. Please make it work.
Sudhashree Ladha review Sudhashree Ladha
I read the FAQ then after that when i choose a location and press on the start button, the joystick appears but when my game Pokemon Go is opening suddenly the joystick disappears and when i close the game the joystick appears again....plz help out The App Ninjas
Nicholas Allen review Nicholas Allen
Great app for testing mock GPS locations. Four stars because the app requires further tweaking beyond downloading. FYI aluminum foil trick really works. Other than that this app actually works quite well. Great job App Ninjas.
Fritz Fritoz review Fritz Fritoz
Wanted a good spoof app i could use since im stuck working all day with no time to go hunt anymore. Found this app and at first had the teleporting issues but..already found the cure. For android users switch mobile network setting to 2g signal only and have good wifi. Go to a location where cell signal goes completely out or with up to MAX 2 bars on (E)mergency signal...nothing higher than that! Once your find your spot, enjoy the good hunt as long as bars dont go higher.
Shintah Hiku review Shintah Hiku
Very Good
App really works but teleports players sometimes on PoGo. I noticed this happened often on my Samsung S5(Marshmallow) but occasionally on my Lenovo S650(KitKat). I removed GPS Joystick's update(v1.2.0) & went back to v1.1.2 & works perfectly again on my S5. No more teleporting. I hope v1.2.1 fixes this. Btw, would it be neat to resize Joystick, change opacity & also have walk-loop option? Still very good. Edited: Something in v1.1.2 works well with Marshmallow. Unfortunately v1.2.1 still teleports players.
C4RT3Rplayz Gaming review C4RT3Rplayz Gaming
Casey Scheetz review Casey Scheetz
Teleporting every couple secs
Spent 3 hours trying to fix 'rubber banding' but couldn't. Followed all FAQ instructions on Note 5 (>6.0) & S5 (<6.0) neither rooted. I also downloaded the v1.1.2 akp to see if it'd be any better but no luck there either. Great UI and concept, just doesn't work for me. I don't want a ban of any kind so I am not going to use this app
Ron Treat review Ron Treat
Been using it for a couple weeks and it worked great for go. But now I updated Pokémon and I get no GPS found. Motorola turbo running android 6.0.1. I turned off developer options, closed all programs, then restarted joystick first before Pokémon. Seems to be working. Do you not need developer options turned on, or does joystick turn it on for itself?