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"Crazy high replay value, Future Games Of London has delivered one of the best action games in the AppStore" - App Shack 4.5/5
"This game makes me laugh the whole time I am playing." - 10/10 PERFECT!

+ 5 Ships: Scout, Mustax, Hornet, Talonator and XenoClaw!
+ 5 Landing Zones!
+ Ship Upgrades: Speed, Shield, Crystal Attraction!
+ Extra Lives!
Grabatron is the latest massively addictive game from the makers of Hungry Shark.
Take control of a UFO with a retractable claw and destroy the puny humans!
Terrorise them anyway you like: Toss them, crush them, abduct them - it's up to you.
Explore a huge and varied environment with hours of action packed gameplay.
* Beautiful Graphics
* Realistic Physics
* Huge world to explore
* Over 30 different missions
* Both Tilt and Touch controls available
Grabatron - where being evil has never been so much fun...

Please note that we no longer support in-app purchases on this title. This means you can no longer purchase the weapon “Missile Launcher.” Terribly sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Check out - Brett Domino Trio: Earthquake (Labrinth Cover) ft. Grabatron

HTC Desire, Nexus One, Galaxy Ace users: Pause and resume the game if you experience slowdown issues 5-10mins into gameplay.

Grabatron APK reviews

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Daniel Wilton review Daniel Wilton
Fantastic on my s4 mini
I love this game. Works a treat and is hours of fun. I mean hours. I am nearly at the 1.5 million points mark. One thing I will warn you about. Don't save your crystals to buy the bunker level. When you get so far in the previous level "area51" when the floor opens and you go down the shaft, that's the bunker level so save your crystals for respawns, upgrades and new ships. Ps. You don't really need to spend any money. I have the second to top ship and is upgraded fully and I haven't spent anything.
Jim Henderson review Jim Henderson
Very Very fun game
I love innovated gameplay! This game has it :-) it is very fun. And replayable for days. The game is very hard to progress though, because the Rescue Me function is so expensive, and so easy to click during normal gameplay. Almost purposely easy to rescue me for MUCH more $ than u make. I would love to see a "are you sure" button on the rescue me.. Haha, I see this is a year old game, and there are reports that it is no longer being supported. So that rescue me will not be fixed. Ah well, good concept
Cabe Booth review Cabe Booth
Love it
I love this game when I first purchased it. I recently redownloaded and I am A discovering the joy of playing with tilt control. However the sound keeps cutting out. the music will play but none of the voices or yelling more explosions come through just the sound of wind. I turn the music off hoping that would bring the other sound forward. But no. This happens on my daughter's device too. She has a Kindle & Nabi 2 tablet and I have a Samsung s3.
Ray Fahee review Ray Fahee
Absolutely Amazing
FGOL has done it again. Amazing game you guys. I can't stop playing. First I got Hungry Shark Evo, now I found this...You people are doing it right, unlike most developers. An amazing game takes a solid effort and you all pulled it off. Keep up the great work and keep'em coming. I would rate this at the least 40 stars, it really is the best game I have found on the app store after having had an Android for 4 years.
James K. review James K.
Some bugs now
I've downloaded this one before, played it and loved it, and it worked like a charm with no problems. Now the sound effects cut out after playing for a minute or so but the music still plays. Not sure what the deal is but other than that still fun. 5 stars if this gets resolved!
A Google User review A Google User
Excellent game, very high quality and production values. Soundtrack, SFX, and visuals are all way above and beyond average. Highly addictive. As for the paid versus free stuff, look, it's a free game and what you get for nothing is PLENTY entertaining enough already. Quit expecting everything for free, developers have to eat too you know. Spend the 99 pennies for the missile launcher or STFU, no one wants to listen to a spoiled brat.