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Green Screen Pro - Chroma Key
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Run Chroma Key effects with your phone or tablet like a Pro, and it has never been this easy. Supports "Green Screen" and "Blue Screen" backdrops with a stunning and simple user interface. Snap a photo, choose one of the built in backgrounds (or use one of your own) and share with your family and friends.
A new dropper tool can be used to select the background colour, green and blue works best but try your luck with other colours!

** Check out our new product, 'Chroma Key Touchup', with advanced green and blue chroma keying and touch-up features to perfect your background

* NEW! Save your image with a transparent background, simply pick the transparent background in-app and Save to Gallery
* Move your subject with simple drag, pinch to zoom and rotation controls (Taken in front of a Green Screen or Blue Screen)
Make your subject as large as Godzilla, or flying through space
* Select from one of the many built-in backgrounds, or use your own
* Zoom and re-position your foreground and background layer quickly and easily
* Share with family and friends using your favorite social networking platform
* Supports partial transparency, see the screenshots for an example of sheer material and sunglasses in front of the Green Screen
* Supports automatic Green Screen and Blue Screen backgrounds for fantastic results, even with a budget screen and a new dropper tool for all colours (or if your background is tricky)

A big thanks to Hollywood Camera Work for use of the professional Green Screen plates:

A quick instructable how-to:
using a budget Green Screen showing the results possible with inexpensive equipment.

If you are having troubles with the software please contact us directly as we are actively supporting and improving this App.

Please do send us your creations, we are compiling a gallery of images from our customers. Send the green screen image as well as the result if possible.
Please do send us images you are struggling with as we maintain a test suite to continually improve our algorithm against and this will ensure better results for you in our next update.

Contact us for questions, as we are confident that this is the best Chroma Key software on the market.

Overview of the Chroma Key technique:
The Chroma Keying technique is used in video/cinematic effects to remove a green or blue background, often called a 'Green Screen' or 'Blue Screen'. This technique is also known as color keying, colour-seperation overlay or simply as Green Screen and Blue Screen.

Green Screen Pro - Chroma Key APK reviews

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mlgproskillsgamer review mlgproskillsgamer
It's good for pictures but I needed something for dims so I just wasted $2:50
Aylin Karakaş Sarmaz review Aylin Karakaş Sarmaz
Pictures taken directly with app is very blur. Therefore you had to take pictures with your phone and insert that photo into app for a good quality photos. Additionally, crop option is definately needed. Other than that it works.
Joe Lampshire review Joe Lampshire
No video
Disappointed as the demo I watched on Facebook shows a lady dancing but just found out that this is a rip-off of that one. You thieving Gypsy I want my money back!
Sean Denard review Sean Denard
Great app
One of the best apps on Google Play worth so much more than the price if you're making a do it yourself photo booth this app is the one for you
Paul Kolsrud review Paul Kolsrud
Generally love it!
Functionality and interface is great, I just wish the output was higher resolution than 960 by 640. Definitely 5 stars if it supported a higher resolution.
Charles Thompson review Charles Thompson
Can't find saved pics in gallery
Ewan Warr review Ewan Warr
No vidios
It's good for pictures but I needed something for dims so I just wasted $2:50
cristian mirabal review cristian mirabal
Needs improvement on vertical fotos and quality pictures as well
Cynthia Jones review Cynthia Jones
Does what it says
albert lynch review albert lynch
Love it!
Aron Medow review Aron Medow
Kept very noticeable gray haze over area originally covered by green screen - very cut and paste look to it - not as good as the ios app Bluescreen-IT - could use more templates, too given the price, I was generally underwhelmed.
evan charis review evan charis
Give new feture for video
Maskman Cør ™ review Maskman Cør ™
Good human be happy review Good human be happy
Some instructions would be great. I don't understand how to use the app at all I will better rate it once I figure out how to use it. I just paid to have the app and it will not load my pictures. . It's not right to sell apps that are not functional. I'm disappointed with the app. You lost my business I did a refund. I would suggest that you stop ripping people off.
Igmar Rodas review Igmar Rodas
I could have given it a 5, App is great but basic for photographers. I would like to see in the next updates a way to put shadows, refine edges, but most of all to export with transparency to png format. I bought the app for the second time, first time it crashed. It's working great now, but for a 5 star I need those updates to make this app the best, complete and worth the money the Google Market has ever seen..... Keep up the good work, saving me lots of time too...