Green Screen APK

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Turn your android into a greenscreen studio! (aka chroma-key effect)

Use any solid colored background, snap a photo and this will remove the screen color and replace it with a cool background. Works best with bright natural colors like green and blue. Black or white backgrounds do not work well.

** Please email with any questions or feature requests! Happy chroma-keying!

- Includes over 50 backgrounds including beautiful landscapes, textures and fun shapes. You can also select any image on your phone to use as a background
- Built in eyedropper to click on part of the photo to set the background to any color (in case you don't have your own greenscreen...)
- Use the menu button to save the finished image or share to email/facebook/etc
- Best results will be achieved with even colored background and lighting
- Use the threshold button (in the menu) to adjust how much of the background is removed

Green Screen APK reviews

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Suzanne Quinn review Suzanne Quinn
This is by far the best chromakey app. Seriously does an great job and is adjustable. My pictures are just a green wall, not pro green screen and it gets it very well! Only downside is how it saves the images at such low resolution. To blury to order prints from :-(
Jeremy Bernatchez review Jeremy Bernatchez
Works well, when it works.. I've gone through a number of phones over the years and I've had maybe one where this app worked flawlessly. For example, trying on my z5 compact right now, I get a black screen regardless of what I do.. import photo, import background, change blending... Not great, guys.. get your compatibility working better.
Christina Shay review Christina Shay
Fun way to add a twist to photos. My family and I have this app and it works perfect. For the price, you cant beat it! It is a chromakey app and you should know some about chromakey to get the most out of it. Remember, lighting is very important and outdoors will always give the best results if you don't have lighting available indoors. Be sure to evenly light the green screen background and you will have NO problems. Some have given bad ratings for this but setup and lighting is important. A++ App
A Google user review A Google user
wack app doesn't do wat it claimes... can't get refund they only give u 15min 2 work it... no ★'s *mytouch*
Letitia Robinson review Letitia Robinson
I took a picture of myself then tried to add it to the background but it didn't work! Please fix it then i will give this app five stars.
joshua benjamin review joshua benjamin
I loved this app on my s4 and sblaze, however the images I try to load on my droid mini doesn't load at all
A Google user review A Google user
Wish it had some more options. Would be nice to be able to rotate the images and re size backgrounds from within the app. Still, fun to use.
A Google user review A Google user
Is it possible to make it so you can move the pictures side to side and up and down, or even resize? Great program either way. Get it!
Gabriel R. review Gabriel R.
Cool! It's easy and fast! I put 4 stars, just put a higher quality (like HD or something else)...
Erik Ortiz review Erik Ortiz
It works really good on My Galaxy S5 ,but there should be an option to add your own background that would be great!!..
A Google user review A Google user
This app sucks. If your background on your picture isn't exactly 1 color it doesn't work even if you are casting a shadow. Take my advice DO NOT BUY!!
A Google user review A Google user
To all the people who think this app "sucks", go clean your butt and learn how to use chroma key. You guys need to take a picture in a solid color background, not a crappy house or something.
Johnathon Gray review Johnathon Gray
Before I every get chance to select three back ground the app had already selected the wrong thing
Sha Money The Best Rapper Ever review Sha Money The Best Rapper Ever
Can't save the final product and they only give u a couple pice to choose from four the background. Huge waste of money
Mari Nagel review Mari Nagel
This app does not work. If I could give it zero stars I would.