Group Fund Manager APK

Group Fund Manager
Group Fund Manager screenshot 1Group Fund Manager screenshot 2
Group Fund Manager - This app might help you in verify how much funds collected and how they are spending.

Avoid miscommunication, fully transparent, all deleted transactions are also visible to the members.

How to use
1. Anyone can create a group
2. Add members to that group and set one manager from the group members.
3. You can add transactions or your fund manager can add transactions.
4. You can delete Members and Groups by long press on that row.
5. You can delete the transactions along with remarks to that deleted transaction.
6. All other members can have access to the complete list of receipt, payments along with the deleted transactions and reason for delete.

This App might helpful in following cases.

1. Apartment Maintenance
2. Petty Cash Fund
3. Picnic Fund
4. Fundraising for a cause
5. Household expenses
6. Custom funds.