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<span >Guide for BOI: Rebirth + DLC</span>

Guide for BOI: Rebirth + DLC APK reviews

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Ben Carlile review Ben Carlile
Super helpful!!
This app is a must have tool for the binding of isaac, very helpful from beginner to expert level players. Maybe the next step forward would be the best synergies for each item, trivia,( such as butt bombs heal brownie, dingle and dangle)and helpful tips for completing challenges. These aren't necessary changes but would shine this app above the rest more so than it already is. 5 stars
sam souquet review sam souquet
Incredibly Usefull
Very usefull for information. However the app BOI: Rebirth - Resource, has a better grid system to show more items on screen if your searching for an item you don't know but you just picked up. But this app has much better information on bosses trinkets etc.. and actually has information on challenges, actually specified between the DLCs and the transformations (The seeds is also a very nice addition.) Unlike the previously mentioned app. Overall great app and very usefull.
Laureano Passafaro review Laureano Passafaro
Updates super fast when something new is added or discovered. And now with antibirth items, this is best app.
Christopher Rodriguez review Christopher Rodriguez
Well organized
Having trouble with what an item does? Don't worry, this app has you covered. Helpful tool. Quick and easy to access. Gets right to the point.
Ohexu Tawun review Ohexu Tawun
Almost perfect
Now Isaac (Character) invades the related section of ??? (Boss). Guess it's not that easy.
Liew Jian Hong review Liew Jian Hong
Simple and accurate
Nuff said
Jay Hawkins review Jay Hawkins
Really good app and developer.
I really enjoy that the developer is actually active, unlike most apps. Thanks for creating such a good app.
Jared Miller review Jared Miller
Its a great app!
Would give it full stars but I wanna know the champion colours for the enemies too. If that was added this app would be great
Momchil Aleksandrov review Momchil Aleksandrov
Easily the best binding of Isaac app out there. I love the way the items are associated to each other and how you can search for items based on what you see in the game without knowing what it's called. (I.e. searching for "purple" shows you all purple colored items along with items like the purple heart). Great job!
philip gunn review philip gunn
Might I suggest a mode where you only see the item symbol. So you can look up the item before picking it up (without knowing the name)
Nathan Cofresi-Nunez review Nathan Cofresi-Nunez
Really helpful
Thank you for the help I love the black screen
Blaize Strader review Blaize Strader
Nothing like it
Everything I want to know about binding if isaac rebirth ( and after birth)
Savanna Watson review Savanna Watson
So useful!
Used for the first time tonight and it was so convenient. The only thing that could be worked on is the search optimization
GregTehGoose review GregTehGoose
Good resource
Has all the Isaac info you need all compiled into one app. Very happy with it
AdmphysicGaming review AdmphysicGaming
It was very good!
I loved it! It crashes in the floors page a lot, so you should fix that. Otherwise, great app!