Guitar Amp & Guitar FX Pedals APK

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ToneStomp is a guitar multi-effects processor Android app with the most realistic sound.

Now you can use your smart phone like a guitar amp and guitar fx pedal.
With realistic tones, you will be able to practice wherever and whenever you want!

• You do not have to carry your old and heavy amps with you anymore!
• You do not have to pay a fortune for guitar amps and pedals.

ToneStomp Free brings you the opportunity to play guitar by enjoying an extensive tone range!

ToneStomp Free Features:
• Noise Gate Guitar Pedal
• Chorus Guitar Pedal
• Drive Guitar Pedal
• Delay Guitar Pedal
• Equalizer Guitar Pedal
• Reverb Guitar Pedal
• Guitar Amp with tube & cabinet simulation

ToneStomp Premium is coming with 16 stomp box models and 6 guitar amps.
If you want to play with a song or jam, you can open sound files.
Stompboxes :
• OverDrive guitar pedal
• Distortion guitar pedal
• T-Muff Drive pedal
• Simple Drive pedal
• Chorus guitar pedal
• Delay guitar pedal
• Reverb guitar pedal
• Echo guitar pedal
• Flanger guitar pedal
• Phaser guitarpedal
• 4Band equalizer and 6 Band equalizer pedal
• Noise Gate and Noise Suppressor guitar pedal

Amp Model :
• Hi-Gain Guitar Amp
• Metal Combo Guitar Amp
• Rock Guitar Amp
• Blues Guitar Amp
• JR Bluesy Guitar Amp
• Bass Guitar Amp

Each stomp boxes and amps has tube and cabinet simulation with realistic sound.

Plug in your guitar and start playing! Enjoy the music!

• You do not have to carry your old and heavy amps with you anymore!
• You only need ToneStomp to have fun! This app will make your life easier!
• Above all, you do not have to pay a fortune for guitar amps anymore!

If you are looking for an extensive tone range, ToneStomp is just for you! With this amp, you will be able to practice and enjoy your music wherever you want!

If you are satisfied with ToneStomp Free, please check the full version!

• Android 4.4 or higher
• Headset or guitar connection cable
• You can check compatible guitar cables in the links shown below or you can check local music stores.
• Compatible devices:
Irig guitar input and Griffin guitar input are compatible with Android devices.

Guitar Amp & Guitar FX Pedals APK reviews

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Criss Galyon review Criss Galyon
No sound
Had everything connected correctly..had all volumes turned up..nothing. Really a disappointment.
Jimbo69 Briney review Jimbo69 Briney
Scott Grady review Scott Grady
Cannot really judge, but so far it is ideal for spontaneous jams without my home studio.
prashanta baruah review prashanta baruah
Not for real time use due to latency
Good modulation and simulation of effects. But the latency is too much. Below 20ms latency is minimum for smooth play but its more tham 200ms. May be the app or android audio DAC are not efficient enough.
Roy H.G. review Roy H.G.
Great Apps!
Matt Foster review Matt Foster
Horrible latency issues render this app useless
Ronnie Pantera review Ronnie Pantera
Tried with sound whatsoever...uninstall
Stephen Peek review Stephen Peek
Stephen peek
Ok app
James Dean Fernandez review James Dean Fernandez
Working and need more improvements
Tried it using irig,slightly delayed though. And sound output seems so low,i set all the volume settings from my phones vol,the apps amp vol to the highest but the output sound still is kinda low,my guitar is more louder than the output sound.. Can recommend it to some friends whos using an androids btw.. I might wait for more improvements in this app. Keep up the good work cheers!
Minor Wells review Minor Wells
I'm making a cord and I need a 3 ban headphone jack and 1 to guitar and 2 for stereo right?
Canberk OVAYURT review Canberk OVAYURT
Very good work!
It makes it easy to handle different tones. I haven't paid to pedals anymore since i got this app.
joe ludik review joe ludik
Too slow
Unfortunately far too much delay. I have tried different latency settings, tried two input cables (iRig and Straight Line) but just not the same responce as on my iPad :-( (Samsung Galaxy S Android 5)
Tiffany Lizotte review Tiffany Lizotte
Love it
Br&ed One review Br&ed One
Great app but, screen turns off while app is open so I have to tap every 1 min, pls fix it.