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Jackie Udell review Jackie Udell
Really like the game just don't like that you only get 3 lives
Kintura Strickland review Kintura Strickland
It's okay but the game stops working after a while... Idc if you fix it or not. Just know I'm not playing it anymore.
Kate Bolter review Kate Bolter
Gummy drop
Gummy drop rules it trumps every other puzzle game alive. Love it love it
Himanshu Singhal review Himanshu Singhal
Too many glitches
There are too many glitches in the game, such as difficult selection, but most annoying is auto suggestions. Just before i was completing one level in daily challenge something happened, a screen appeared suggesting to restart the level. I dismissed it once but it again appeared in next move and i just pressed it this time. and loose all my progress in that level. too bad
Rubyanna Solis review Rubyanna Solis
Great game, but........
It takes forever to start and when I'm playing it will crash so I lose that life. Please fix this and problem. Also the daily challenges should be more focused on the levels you have not completed instead of playing completed levals. And, what is the wheel.
Chris Bailes review Chris Bailes
Hating it
If I was able too give y'all an zero star would cause ever since the update all I've been having is trouble with not getting full health,having the game close or not getting any of the of the rewards from the boards fix the problems or I'm deleting the game
Myrna Serrano review Myrna Serrano
Match game
It's a good game to pass time. It's not difficult to learn, that way your child will be entertained for hours.
Gloria Smibert review Gloria Smibert
Great why doesnt the score move I seem to be on same score forever
Kerrie Livingston review Kerrie Livingston
Why is it that the gold treasure chests only appear when u dnt have enough coins to open it, plus the wheel spin always lands smack bang on the line between the face and lifes or the 5 free moves but u always end up with nothing
Theresa DeClue review Theresa DeClue
Loving the game
I would tell my friends about the game. It fun, and challenging. Not only that, you can win and build something. Thank you.... I'm experiencing a problem in the game. I had factory reset my phone. And when I download the game back, it doesn't recognize who I am. It keep saying there's already a Theresa Lowe-Declue Reeser playing the game. I am her, trying to play. It had started me completely over, and I'm playing with no friends. I'm logged into the game. Can you tell me why. Please help. Thank you
Lisa Canamore review Lisa Canamore
Samsung Galaxy 4s Active
Used to be my fave game. Now I consistently lose out on gifts & especially coin bonuses. I've only got 1 FB friend who still plays so those gifts are important!! I send screenshots each time & usually get a reply within 2-3 days & it's now been 4 days. Also, 2days update, (9/9/15) sux!!! I'm forced to hold my phone sideways & I hate the new layout, I don't want to spin the globe looking for the city I'm in. I'm not getting graded so stop making it a geography class!!! #crickets (9-12) still nothing? (9-15)
azha irving review azha irving
Crash & Burn
Since latest update, Beautiful but seriously flawed! Crashes midway through game play.
Better with last update
Done the update today and it will not open up any more. When you going to fix it. I need my past time pleaser.
Yvonne Hodge review Yvonne Hodge
Gummy drop
Tired of this bomb blast on level 116 in Barcelona playing that one level for three days and everytime I play it . It does bomb blast. I keep losing my lives. I will not spend no more money onthis bomb blast. The ticking bomb.
Sarah Jacobo review Sarah Jacobo
I love this game. But Ever since the last update the unbelievable amount of ads are crazy. There's an ad every two minutes. And it'll pop up during your game. Plus sometimes the game just freezes up. You only get three lives. So you'll lose that life. And you have to wait for a friend to send you one lives. Or Otherwise you're waiting. Should be able to win more. But it's a great game... Have my friends all playing!