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Listen up man; it is time to kill all terrorists. You are one of the strike forces to destroy anything blocked on your way.

. Weapon store: from desert eagle, UMP, AK-47 to Barrett. Enjoy the power

. Weapon upgrades: more than 100 guns accessories. From stock, scope, barrel to others you can image.

. Levels and mode: 4 big game scene , 2 game mode and more than 80 levels.

.Cool music and effects. Lots of blood and explosion.

.you may happen to encounter Kony in some level. stop him.

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Gun & Blood APK reviews

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Jon Anthony review Jon Anthony
It not too bad
The game was ok. I didn't like when it was a head shot the guys keep shooting at me instead of being dead. It had good graphics but the men came out of nowhere as to other shooting games they come from all over looking as real as possible. I expected more from this game but it was not a bad app at all. Upgrade a little and it can be a elite app.
Adam Spencer review Adam Spencer
Too expensive
Great game but gets pricey for what you get. Also the free gold links don't allways work. App after app installed, survey after survey filled out, online game after online games played and yet no payment of thus mentioned free gold. Also i have lost all my stats and equipment when installing on a new phone. No help on that. I payed for extras but lost out. Can it be fixed
Mashrabjon Xoliqov review Mashrabjon Xoliqov
Game was OK.But administration is stupid after each mission coming advertisement limit 30 second .Why do I watch the video and spend my mb's. Stupid idea.
richkuber tradingcompany review richkuber tradingcompany
No free gold
I installed the app that boasted for the free gun & blood gold.... but even after running the app it didn't give me a single gold bar
Edson Wright review Edson Wright
It's very good. Great job guys ?
An awesome game for when your bored or just looking for a great game
Jhun Ilas review Jhun Ilas
I hate this game
This is a kind of game that you shouldnt install in your phone
Jean Newsome review Jean Newsome
The game is great! I just wish you would fix it to where you earn gold for each level completed without having to watch a video. It does take a lot of gold buy stuff you really need.
A Google user review A Google user
Jonathan Guddal review Jonathan Guddal
I've been playing this game for going on 3 years, and no matter where I end up..this game is always the first to arrive and the last leave! Thanks guys... Now when is part two coming out?
Darren Rusnak review Darren Rusnak
I dont know how much the people got to say its great and that it is worth downloading but it is a load of garbage. DON'T download this
Travis Lacey review Travis Lacey
I beat this game several times and still addicted to it
Antonio Garland review Antonio Garland
Best shooting game so far!!!??
Darren Rusnak review Darren Rusnak
Garbage don't waste your time downloading it
J.M. Díez review J.M. Díez
Juego muy entretenido, pero la musica debería cambiearse, termina cansando
CreS Babila review CreS Babila
Good 1st shooter game, gr8 graphics...keep up the good work!!!!!