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■GunboundM is a World-wide Player vs Player Game!
- You can ride on Battle-Mobile with various cannons and fight against other Player's mobiles.
- The one team must be consisted of three different mobile types.
- Gunboundm supports Season competition and reward.

■GounboundM is easy to play but it has many strategical fun things!
- GunboundM supports a strategic battle of Battle-Mobiles with various weapons.
- You can play over 15 Battle-mobiles have over 45 weapons.
- The effect-clouds and the totems will give special effects to missiles.

■New GunboundM supports multiple mobile platforms!
- You can play Gunbound on your Android Phone.
- New GunbounM is the Newest version has great new features.
- Everyone has Phones play together.

■You can collect many mobiles and Avatar riders!
- Nice cute and pretty Avatar riders are waiting fou you.
- All Avatar riders have special and various skills.
- Find Avatars can be effective in your strategy.

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*Youtube Game video

GunboundM APK reviews

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Dave Camorongan review Dave Camorongan
In the training when you're about to get the 4th win, they will give you an autobot the doesn't miss and has unlimited power ups. Not fair. I hope they bring back the way the original gunbound where you can create your own battle and invite friends to play with you. When it's random, you don't get to choose your opponent, they always give you higher than your ranking.
snerp rodriguez review snerp rodriguez
Learn to develop the game to a real potential before releasing to the public. No friends list? This is 2017 what game does not have a friends list. Hit boxes are off, and no change of controls? Nothing like the old computer gunbound. Game needs serious updates before actually having a fun time. Thank you for trying to bring this back. Should just leave it up to Softnyx to program this game.
Joel Benaldo review Joel Benaldo
Developer: Concern for those ppl who is cheating ingame battle. everytime i will be winning in the match, suddenly im disconncted. can u pls fix this cheating style of ppl. thank you by way for bringing back this classic game, i remmber my highschool days paying netcafe for playing this! but for being cheated, it makes me feel this game boring.
Shin Zuka review Shin Zuka
1 star cause the line target makes it really boring, where's the power bar and angle play? :( And 3 mobile in 1 teams just make it too long for gameplay, look at gungun mobile it's more like gunbound and it's fun. Hope the dev can be more creative and makes it like the good old gunbound.
Zeus Locquiao review Zeus Locquiao
I deleted my previous post.. i have to write a new one.. while on the game when im about to win when suddenly ive been disconnected even though i have strong signal.. this game had no difference with its pc version,still has lots of cheaters.. until this havent stop my rate will be the same.. its lame coz of cheaters..
fendy cornelis review fendy cornelis
Bot often stuck / hung up if there is no move they can do. Keep thinking ,already try wait for 1/2 hour still same.already got 5 times happen like this n i need to quit n break my winning streak. Pls add feature for adding friend, and fight with friend for fun. Thanks