Happy Mall Story: Sim Game APK reviews

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Asha Deborah review Asha Deborah
How to reset?
it's a good game except for the expanding price. i wish the expanding price between first floor and second floor is different. can you please tell me hpw to reset/restart from level 1? thanks and I'll give it a 5 stars
ning myu review ning myu
So awesome but I just hope that I can change the person
Vann Veth review Vann Veth
When i start playing this game i feel happy.
Joyce Jacob review Joyce Jacob
AWESOME!! nuff' said ( ˘▽˘)っ♨
San Dee review San Dee
Happy me
Everything about this game is tooo cutee ❤
Ryan Mitchell review Ryan Mitchell
This is a pretty cool game I mean it keeps me entertained
Borromeo Simon review Borromeo Simon
Good game so far, still can play without wifi or data. Keep it up.
Brittany Goins review Brittany Goins
Pretty Good~!
When I have nothing to do or if I'm just wasting time, this is a really good game to play. Oh.. and I'm getting gems for this review ^^
P.E Ahmad review P.E Ahmad
Addicting Game
This game is so simple and easy but still addicting, feel its hard not to play it sometimes, i really like this kind of game with its cute and fun graphics and display..
Phebe Tran review Phebe Tran
Add my ID "J8K15fcLDi"
Finally, a time management game that DOESN'T need the internet to work. Just wish there was a way to earn coins while I'm *away* from the game instead of manually collecting them every time.
Henry Fajarianto review Henry Fajarianto
I loved it
Simple game....great
Jose pina review Jose pina
Its fun
I really like it it kills time when i have nothing to do i can sometime get lost in the game but over all really fun
Alfi Rahmi Rusvid review Alfi Rahmi Rusvid
So so
I think this game is pretty good. However, for the first time I'm not sure what I should do. I think the goals aren't clear enough
siti hawa review siti hawa
Loved it
I loved this games very much its like my own mall like real but i must have a lot coins to upgrade my mall
mariana waheeb review mariana waheeb
It's fine I just start it