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Hashta.gr: Hashtag Generator for Instagram icon

Hashta.gr: Hashtag Generator for Instagram

1.1.8 · dodl.es inc

Find the perfect hashtags for every post. Engage your target audience.

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Hashta.gr: Hashtag Generator for Instagram APK latest version info

Offers Free
Version 1.1.8
Developer dodl.es inc
Category Apps, Social
ID pound.hashta.gr
Requirements 5.1 and up

Hashta.gr: Hashtag Generator for Instagram 1.1.8 APK description

#hashta.gr is the premiere hashtag finder for influencers, helping you grow authentic engagement with new followers, comments and likes. It directs you to the perfect hashtags for every unique post, so that your content gets seen and doesn’t get shadowbanned.

Top 8 reasons to choose #hashta.gr:
“Drill In” feature quickly identifies related hashtags
Hashta.gr: Hashtag Generator for Instagram poster
Hashta.gr: Hashtag Generator for Instagram latest version

Monitors over 100 million tags
Provides niche tags to attract your target audience
Works for every language
(New) Locations feature identifies top local and competitor hashtags
(New) Identifies shadowbanned hashtags
Avoids spammy hashtags that only attract bots
Save different collections of hashtags

#hashta.gr is the perfect hashtag generator for growing your Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Facebook accounts with authentic followers who are actually interested in your content.


Step 1: SEARCH any topic or location. This returns a list of 50 matches.

Step 2: DRILL IN to get 50 more related tags for any hashtag or location.

Step 3: SELECT the best tags to describe your social media post. Consider your target audience and your account’s follower size. Keep in mind that the most popular tags (large counts) are too competitive for most account sizes and the least popular tags (low counts) probably won’t be looked at. Using a variety of count sizes can be effective.

Step 4: PASTE the hashtag list into your social media post.

Step 5: WATCH your engagement grow! Be sure to engage other accounts who are using those hashtags and to respond to people commenting on your posts.


People are constantly looking for content like yours, based on their topics of interest. Using relevant, niche hashtags is the bridge that connects them to your content.

Relevant tags will ensure you maximize your engagement because it matches the very specific topic the user was looking for.

Instagram will index up to 30 tags for every post. In other words, you have 30 free opportunities to promote each post, so that your target audience can find your content when clicking on a hashtag.

Using relevant keywords that fit your audience size and engagement rate will also help your posts get Featured as Top Posts or make the Explore Page on Instagram. This will significantly increase the views on your content, which in turn gets you more, targeted likes and followers.


Repeating common hashtag lists is a good way to get your content shadowbanned on apps like instagram. Using fresh tags on each post tells the platform that you have put thought into selecting relevant tags, and helps you connect with targeted audiences to engage your content.

It is generally best to avoid lists of broad, common hashtags that are overly competitive for your audience size.

With #hashta.gr you will generate lists of valid hashtags that are specific to your content in order to prevent shadowbanning.


If you are promoting your new coffee brand and have 1k followers, and use the common tag #coffee, your post will probably not get Featured as a Top Post due your account’s current lack of reach, and therefore your post will be kept hidden in the “Recent” section only.

#hashta.gr will start with #coffee and suggest hundreds of lookalike tags to select from that may fit your audience size better, such as #ig_coffee, #coffiecup, #coffeeshots and #igerscoffee. It will be much easier to get Featured as Top Posts on lookalike tags and grow faster.

Common hashtags will hurt your chances of being Featured as a Top Post, and you will be wasting the opportunities to grow your audience effectively.


This app and its makers are not sponsored, nor endorsed by, nor affiliated with: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter or LinkedIn.
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Download (5.71 MB)

Latest change log:

Fixed resend email on registration bug and minor UI tweaks

Other version

Version Arch OS Updated
1.1.8 Universial Android 4.4+ 2021-07-30 (6 hours ago)
1.1.2 Universial Android 4.4+ 2021-07-30 (6 hours ago)
1.1.15 Universial Android 4.4+ 2021-07-30 (6 hours ago)
2.0.4 (5 variants) Bundles Universial Android 5.1+ 2021-05-23 (2 months ago)
1.1.77 Universial Android 5.1+ 2020-10-24 (9 months ago)
1.1.76 Universial Android 5.1+ 2020-10-08 (9 months ago)


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