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HBO NOW is the standalone streaming service that gives you all of HBO—no TV package required. Start your free one-month trial and watch across all your favorite devices including your phone, tablet, computer, TV and online at After your free trial is over, enjoy HBO NOW for just $14.99/month. There’s no commitment—cancel anytime.

What You’ll Get:
• Enjoy every episode of every season of original series like Game of Thrones, Ballers, Vice Principals and Veep—plus iconic favorites like The Wire, The Sopranos, Six Feet Under, Sex and the City and more.
• Stay current with popular talk shows like Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, Any Given Wednesday with Bill Simmons and Real Time with Bill Maher.
• Watch anticipated premieres as they air. Get instant access to the latest hit movies—plus hundreds cult classics and hidden gems.

What’s the difference between HBO NOW and HBO GO?
• HBO NOW is a standalone streaming service—no TV package required.
• HBO GO, available to HBO subscribers through their participating TV providers, is available at no additional cost. If you subscribe to HBO through a TV provider, download HBO GO.

Download the app to your favorite Android device and start your introductory one month free trial instantly. Free trial offer is for new customers only. HBO NOW® is only accessible in the U.S. and certain U.S. territories where a high speed broadband connection is available. Minimum 3G connection is required for viewing on mobile devices. HBO NOW® is available through participating partners. Prices may vary for participating partners. © 2016 Home Box Office, Inc. All Right Reserved. HBO®, HBO NOW®, and related channels and service marks are the property of Home Box Office, Inc. All devices, titles, and related trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

HBO NOW: Series, movies & more APK reviews

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Caitlin Moreno review Caitlin Moreno
This app sucks
Entered my info for a free trial and it said there was an error. Exited the app and opened it again. Reentered my info and it said I already had an account. Went to login and it keeps giving me errors. I've received no email or anything saying I've created an account...
Ryan Strauss review Ryan Strauss
Meh good app
Great app but doesnt make sense that people willing to pay hbo directly instead of through a provider recieve less features. I mean they have hbo go on consoles but now i have to buy chrome cast an additional expense just to use your service. Feel like it would of made way more sense just to make one app and have an option to log in through a provider or directly through them..
Russ W review Russ W
Barely works
Dont bother with this garbage app!!! I decided to stop pirating Game of Thrones and pay my $15/month so the money keeps flowing to the people putting in the hard work, but at least 50% of the time I try to use it I get one error or another. Turns out some 14 year old kid in his mother's basement, illegally loading episodes to the pirate bay is more competent than HBO when it comes to delivering a watchable video.
Margaret East review Margaret East
It doesn't work anymore, on any tablet.
Every time I try to access HBO NOW, I get an error message that says " unknown error" doesn't matter which tablet I try, I get the same thing.
Poke4Ever10 review Poke4Ever10
Fine app, but loads of playback issues
Randomly (as close as every few minutes) it starts fast forwarding super fast in 10 second bursts, and now it's only playing in slow motion. They need to fix this, asap.
helen yang review helen yang
Can't even load a show
Every time I try to watch an episode of a show, it says it needs to validate my account and then it crashes. Won't waste my money with an app that doesn't even work.
Ben Paik review Ben Paik
Latest update fixed crashing issues on my android TV and new closed captioning is greatly improved.
A Google User review A Google User
On Android TV this has been an awful experience. Here's all the problems I have encountered so far: 1. Nothing shows up when browsing a category. Fix by restarting app. 2. Watch list never shows up when you first launch the app. You have to go back and forth between categories until it magically appears at the top. 3. Buffering/stuttering every few minutes. 4. Content won't play and then when you retry it works. 5. Consistently streaming at low quality when there is plenty bandwidth available. Netflix on the other hand works flawlessly and always stream at a high quality so the issue is not my network.
Tyler Kelly review Tyler Kelly
Subscription loop fixed, app still needs fine tuning
The app sometimes disconnects from Chromecast and take a while to connect again. It would audio be nice to be able to favorite entire series into a Netflix like que instead of single episodes. The actual content of HBO Now is 5/5.
Thurman Scott II review Thurman Scott II
Fix browser stream!
Finally support for Android TV. Browser play is still unwatchable! Once PC streaming is good, it has a chance to be top tier (aside from minor issues... Play next episode, better progress tracking, etc).
Kris Lutz review Kris Lutz
Too buggy
I just installed the app, first show I went to watch it immediately crashed with an unknown error. Now Everytime I try to watch something it says I am streaming on too many devices. So far haven't been able to watch a single show
Serge Pierre review Serge Pierre
Netflix, please?
This app is always freezing. Every min or so. The selection of movies is pretty limited. The app overall seems low budget. When my free subscription ends I will delete the app.
Bryan Eaton review Bryan Eaton
Finally have Android TV support, works well so far.
Ilinda Sandoval review Ilinda Sandoval
Is my favorite app. to watch movies.whatever your in the mood for,there's always a. Movie. Its easy to pick from and its fast. Love it I rate it 10! Plus. The monthly bill is great. That.k you HBO
Andres Garcia review Andres Garcia
Works fine
But a couple of things that hopefully get fixed 1. When watching a show and half way through I stream it to chromecast, once it's done it still says I left off where I started screaming l. 2. There seems to be no button to add a whole series or season to the watch list. 3. Once an episode is completed, there seems to be no visible indicator of that episode vs one I haven't watched.