Head Soccer La Liga 2018 APK

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HEAD SOCCER LA LIGA is the official game for Spanish League Soccer for 2017-2018 season! Choose your favourite soccer player among the official LaLiga squads, unleash your powerful shots and take your football club to the top of the world rankings! Score thousand of goals using the big head of your footballer and become the ultimate champion and the hero of your dream team!

Download now for free and enjoy playing football with all the soccer clubs and superstars from LaLiga!

Start as a newbie and level up through all categories: rookie, professional, champion, all-star… and finally reach the top of the world and be a soccer legend. Impress the FIFA and the fans by scoring incredible goals in the best official soccer stadiums: Bernabéu, Camp Nou, Calderón, Mestalla, San Mamés, Riazor, Sánchez-Pizjuán… What is your favourite soccer club? Select a football team from the dream league and play as a mini footballer with a bobble head. Goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders, forwards... only Head Soccer LaLiga 2017 has all the official football players from LaLiga!

Join millions of players in this exciting soccer game and enjoy playing with all your favourite footballers: Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, Aduriz, Piqué, Fernando Torres, Orellana… Now you just need to choose your big-headed soccer player, get out on the field, show off your skills and win tournaments!

Only the best players are able to take on this challenge! Show off your ball skills and beat each round as though it were a final! Try to survive in the most astonishing soccer matches jumping as high as you can, kicking stronger and sprinting faster than all your rivals. Score amazing goals in every clash and win all the cups, leagues and tournaments to be the hero your fans are looking for.
Do you think you've got what it takes to be a CHAMPION? Download Head Soccer LaLiga now!

Play football in real stadiums with all your idols. The only soccer game with the original clubs and squads from the Spanish League Soccer for 2017-2018 season!

Evolve your soccer players and their skills: SPEED to move quickly down the field, SHOT to make it unstoppable, JUMP to leap higher in each attack and defense, SPRINT to overtake your rivals, POWER UP to reduce the time between special shots… Level up and be the ultimate score hero!

Defeat all the opponents using the shocking special kicks: Dragon Ball, Orange Machine, Falling Star… And more! Each with stunning light and sound effects! Ultimate extreme football!

Create your player and compete at the highest level. Choose from three categories: bronze, silver, and gold. Each category is made up of various divisions. Win matches to ascend in the divisions and reach the Gold category!
Win bonuses as you defeat opponents and beat your friends in the Ranking. Victories will earn you rewards that you can use to level up your player.

Try the CUP, where champions are remembered! Go down in history through all of the rounds and enjoy playing in the Final Cup!
Start a FRIENDLY match and play soccer against any club you want!
Consistency is key to success in the LEAGUE! You must face all of the teams and gain points match by match to ranked at the top by the end of the season.
How many rounds could you survive in the SURVIVAL mode?
Make your own huge head football player with the amazing EDITOR!

Sync your progress with Google Play Games and Facebook, overcome your friends and share your achievements: How many goals could you score?

Even Luis Figo has fun playing Head Soccer LaLiga, check it out: http://laliga.es/en/video/sportel-visita

Play in the Dream League, reach the Gold Division, play Head Soccer LaLiga 2018!

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Head Soccer La Liga 2018 APK reviews

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edward hernandez review edward hernandez
The Vampire Queen review The Vampire Queen
Its good
ShadowGamer Official review ShadowGamer Official
Hey makers of this game. I recently bought 150 gold 2 times and i didnt recieve the gold and it said purchase was successful so can i pls have my gold?
lamiaa osman review lamiaa osman
Excellent game
vedant gabani review vedant gabani
When i update this game previously,my all old data has gone and it's starting from beginning. What i have to do.
Eli Segovia review Eli Segovia
The game is really fun, and it gets addicting. I even paid the 99¢ to get rid of the annoying ads; so I could play without getting interrupted. So...I play the game, have fun, win lots of cups, but then after completing a challenge, the game freezes, so I just close it out and open it up again. But when I get back, everything is gone, and even the ads came back. I'm really pissed that I paid 99 cents and wasted a couple of hours... All for nothing.
Agent Pea and Daslol24s review Agent Pea and Daslol24s
This USED to be my favourite game. Until after the update I opened the app and what do i see? All my progress gone. ALL MY FREAKING PROGRESS FREAKING GONE!!!! I'm never installing this app ever again.
Gnarly Marley review Gnarly Marley
Terrible game. Knock off of headball which alo sucks. There isn't even REAL online game play on this. Don't waste your time downloading this game. Can't even give this game a shittier rating. DO NOT DOWNLOAD.
Harshit Goyal review Harshit Goyal
Nice game but needs some improvement in the junmping ability of players ....jump s should be a bit higher than now.
Stuart Graham review Stuart Graham
Read some of the reviews of this game crashing a lot, thought having a relatively new and higher spec galaxy s7 it wouldn't be a problem. I think i got through 2 games and it kept crashing...deleted
eoin ladden review eoin ladden
It is a great game but needs improvement the controls can be glichty and it never plays videos for me but apart from that it is great
Andy Thomson review Andy Thomson
Well its got good graphics that's it I think you should not download this app
Gol Aviation review Gol Aviation
It's good but every year it's the same thing. And you should add up and join up with every team all around the world. That would be cool
boo 👎👎
Trash it is a disadvantage for people with bigger fingers and the ads are as annoying as talking to someone who speaks a language you probably couldn't understand