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Tree Stockley review Tree Stockley
As per the other 99% of comments, great games but very little coins and rewards. Such a shame, if that was fixed it would be by far one of the best slot games. Unfortunately doesn't seem like the developers are listening and is unlikely to change.
Chaenah Gleeson review Chaenah Gleeson
I love this game but one thing I gotta say it's a rip off. Claims of gettin' 2,000000 coins and 1,000000 for loggin' into FB. That's bogus. There is no bonus. It's a complete jib. Plus the daily bonus don't come daily. Free games barely come. And nothin' matches. So ya have to wait hrs for ya bonus for it to in like two mins.
Yoz Yoz review Yoz Yoz
Worst casino app! Gives you 1 minute of play a day!
Doesn't let you play for free. Never gives enough coins. For real money, I go to real casinos to win real money!
Lavi NIA review Lavi NIA
Hear i am thinking yes i can play my fave slot without going to the pub. Ummm no lol no fun at all. Such a waste of an app! Nothing like the machines. You might as well go to the local pub and play, at least you'll win more there lol whoever created this money eating game is smart to not let you win much in the spins to keep making you buy coins haha! a definate delete. There are far better slots apps that make it fun and let you win than this one lol but hey if you like losing all your money then go for it. Download this app 😆😆
Kym Reedy review Kym Reedy
Used to absolutely love this app, niw all of a sudden everytime i seem to collect my money or win big, ill leave it there go back and play it and its all gone. One time while i was playing my money was disapearing whilst i was playing. No one is connected to my account that i know of but seriously it needs to be fixed or else im going to delete the app
Theresa Wildsmith review Theresa Wildsmith
Love these games they r the best WHY HAVE YOU PUT THE LOWEST BET UP ON "WHERES THE GOLD" TO 6,000??? BRING IT BACK DOWN TO 1,000 ..!!! And I nearly died when i got free spins on QUEEN NILE...but got bugger all..!!!. the biggest thrill of these games is getting the free spins.. an is what keeps us playing...WHY DOES IT TAKE FOR EVER TO GET FREE SPINS ON YOUR GAMES!!!!!!!! if u want more people to play... put more free spins in.. geez thats wot makes it fun!!!! Il give 5stars if u give more free spins
tuaine pokipoki review tuaine pokipoki
What a bloody joke. That lightening game is. I won a feature all for it to freeze and lose all the coins. I have sent emails along with screen shots and i get no bloody reply!! Why have a support system if you dont bloody use it. Bloody waste of time for anyone trying to reslove any bloody thing. I see you can respond to these reviews but not ya bloody emails. Cow poos
Ginger Reaves review Ginger Reaves
Great game, but too expensive
I love this game, but I am uninstalling it. It is too expensive to buy coins to play, and jackpots are few and far between. So, I spent $20 on coins, and lost them in 6 minutes. Stay away!
Elizabeth Fazackerley review Elizabeth Fazackerley
Not happy. I purchased credit with my own money and never received!! Reported this problem and I have no response. Not a happy customer!! Adding more. Played a game won mini jackpot only for a message to pop up saying a problem has occurred and to reload to continue. Did this and no mini jackpot or extra credits were added. Maybe you should fix glitches.
matthew bridgford review matthew bridgford
Real casino is more generous
Playing for no money and 10 dollars gets you about 10 minutes worth of play very stingy
Natalie Connor Powell review Natalie Connor Powell
The Limited credits totally suck !!! It takes away .. that free game idea..... very quickly... WHAT A SHAME.. I play for relaxation. My son asked isnt it boring just pressing a button .. meaning he thought that no skill what was the point.... so I told him that was the whole point !!! Being able to do something with minimal input...sounds great to me after thinking all day .... it was my escape but then my credit card details... so much for a free game didnt last long... this write up took longer.. lol
Sam Brennan review Sam Brennan
Only reason I haven't un installed yet is cause you are the only one who has decent realistic machines to play. Getting really sick of the links from the chip emails not working. And I think it's disgusting that you don't reply to emails sent for support.
I like the games but the payout is not great, bonus and spin the wheel is a joke, add extra during bonus then the game will be more exciting to play. Very hard to get free spins. when your up in coins its very fast to loose them. i dont think i have ever had 5of a kind on a normal spin which is weird cause i usually do on the real games in casinos. Make the game interesting by giving more coins in bonus. And now i cannot even get into the game and i have heaps of coins please fix this bad glitch
Patty Zelaya Pineda review Patty Zelaya Pineda
Won't down load assets.plz fix so I can play.loads 20% n says error. Plz fix a s a p
Mark Dippel review Mark Dippel
Its good how this game gives you easy coins until you get to level 11 then just takes them all away. Then the features are few and far between and even if you get a decent win its all taken back off you with no wins again. Coins you get on your hourly & daily spins are also taken off you without a win. Will be deleting this app. Not fun.