Hell Zombie APK

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One year has passed since the gates of hell were opened and our castle was laid to waste.
Many died in the battles with the undead hordes and now is the time to fight back!
Our castle has been rebuilt, our numbers have been replenished and our armies are training.

We need a General to lead the troops in the defence of the stronghold.
Can you push back the forces of evil?

*Many challenging levels to test your skills.
*Over 30 weapon upgrade combinations to personalise your gaming experience.
*A dynamic skill development system allowing you to use your own strategy against the zombie armies.
*A wide variety of magic spells to use in your battles.
*Tough Boss battles designed to push you to the limit.
*Brand new game modes.
*Fantastic visual and sound effects. Put your headphones on and enter the world of the game!

Hell Zombie APK reviews

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jeramy stewart review jeramy stewart
Its pay to play
They give you free gold to progress with but you have to wait for it. If your looking for consecutive hours of gameplay with no pause in between you have to pay. Otherwise you will be waiting for long periods of time. I thought it might be fun as I'm a fan of defense games but you can't even move you basically just wait to die as the game progresses. Its ok if my stats are weak but more character control would be greatly appreciated at the very least. Do that I'll give you five stars. Thank you
the maggot review the maggot
Could be better
It's really fun but im stuck on lvl 55 with the boss. It's very difficult to earn coins therefore to upgrade anything at all. So i cant pass the lvl without farming 50 coins every time...WTF Very upsetting, feels like it will take a very long time to do 1 upgrade. Would give 5 stars if there is like a survival or endless mode to farm better coins. But very addictive game overall.
Jason Stokes review Jason Stokes
Not bad but needs improvement
The fact that you are unable to replay levels makes it very difficult to get through. Clearly they are hoping you will spend cash to get a leg up but that shouldn't be the primary concern
Chris Ward review Chris Ward
Great visual gameplay
The game itself is fantastic, but my rating has dropped from 4 stars to 3 because receiving in game coins from the offers on the given list seems to only work about half the time. I hate to bring a negative to such a solid and addictive game, but this issue needs some immediate attention. Thanks.
Riitual esh review Riitual esh
Game doesn't give free rewards
I downloaded Fire age, spent all the time to get the stronghold to lvl 5, and it gave me nothing. I tried 2 of the other "download this game for free gold" offers.... Still nothing. It's a scam. This game gives no bonus rewards. Will rate 5* if I get my deserved gold. Otherwise uninstalling and refusing to DL another game by this company. Shame too... I frequently spend real money on these games.
Priyam Jain review Priyam Jain
Could be better
On lvl 55 its very difficult to earn coins I will give 5 stars. If there is an endless mode so that we will be able to get coins better coins or it will be 5 stars if we can do previous stage. Please do anything. I am stuck on lvl 55. Anyone please tell something how can I do.
Raker Ng Pinaz review Raker Ng Pinaz
I think it's needs more improvement
Sathya Sear review Sathya Sear
Great Game
love it
Jaymhel Villosa review Jaymhel Villosa
This is awesome
I played it non stop.. So addicting.
Anthony Dow review Anthony Dow
Kick ass
I love how its hard to pass it
Vikram Verma review Vikram Verma
Amazing game.. I love it very much....
Berniecesarr Yee review Berniecesarr Yee
Nice game