Heroes Charge APK reviews

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Gilbert Sta. Brigida review Gilbert Sta. Brigida
Server Migrate
When will server migrate be available so we can play with our friends?
Sim Jie review Sim Jie
after being sued for copying dotarena
from 5 star to 1 star. no new game content after being sued. for 7mths we have been playing without any new game content.DO NOT INSTALL!
Mike Allen review Mike Allen
Sound Issues
I'm willing to overlook that most of the characters are ripoffs of WoW and LoL, but right now there's a problem with the sound. The music from the game plays while I'm doing other things like talk on the phone or watch youtube.
wilson ho review wilson ho
Cheating Npc
One shooting my legendarys not fair..fix or delete
syed alwi review syed alwi
Crash issue
the new update makes my game always crashes..pls fix it
Alfafox review Alfafox
Nerd Boner
Game... Toooo..... Goooood
Re Ne review Re Ne
This has been my favorite game for along time but for the past 3 weeks I have not been able to play crusade it keeps saying report I report it to them and nothing no solution.
Susan Melencio review Susan Melencio
Mine is always going into failed updating state :(
Shikoshiko Era review Shikoshiko Era
يا جماعه انا عندي مشكله ياريت اي حد عربي ف اللعبه يكلمني اسم فريقي Shiko ارجو المساعده
Francis Tadeo Tamondong review Francis Tadeo Tamondong
Help me!!!!!!
Ucool my time in my server in phil gmtphil is bug here in phil its 12nn but in hereos charge its 4am so its delay on mission!!! Mission should start 5am right!! I clear data and install again still the same help me reply ucool pls
Ryan Teo review Ryan Teo
Game play issue
The game play has become slow and hangs quite frequently. Please fix it.
William Yudi review William Yudi
Great game
Love this kind of game
Austin Kram review Austin Kram
Nice boi
Fun game
Alaeddin Nimer review Alaeddin Nimer
Fun but..!
its so fun .. but doing the same thing everyday makes it boring.
Nicole Waltz review Nicole Waltz
love it. im lvl 71 now ^~^