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Hidden Scenes - Summer Secrets
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Discover the best kept summer secrets in our new game! Summer is the best season of the year where you can go to picnic and play under the sun. Stroll through the blooming meadow while enjoy the summer flowers and summer flower blooms. Breathe the fresh summery air and enjoy the warmth of summer sun. Summer definitely beat the other seasons in the year!

If you like nature, summer is the best season to enjoy the nature outside. You can take a stroll in the park or garden and enjoy the distinctive summery scent. It's a scent of summer blooms and summer flowers in the blooming meadow. Take a break and go on a picnic under the sun and enjoy the fresh summery vegetables and fruits. Don't forget to pick some summer flowers to bring home and decorate your house so it is filled with a summery scent as well.

This Summer Secrets game will bring you all the beauty of this warm and sunny season so you can enjoy it all year long. We hope you like all the beautiful artwork depicting summer season and the nature in this game!

Play one of the most amazing puzzle games on your mobile device now! Hidden scenes games are the games where you have to complete the picture by swapping, flipping, or rotating each piece of the puzzle to reveal a beautiful artwork. You can set the level of difficulty from the easiest to the most INSANELY challenging levels. Our hidden scenes apps are the most addictive casual games which will give you hours and hours of gameplay.

There are many ways to enjoy this flip game. First, you can choose to play Standard game where you have to go through each 80 level one by one. Or our Quick Puzzle where you can play random scenes. There is also Challenge Mode where you have limited time or move to complete each scene.

--------* HIDDEN SCENES TOP FEATURES *--------
Addictive puzzle games with plenty of beautiful artwork and wonderful background music.

Hundreds of hours of gameplay in 3 different modes: 80 levels in standard campaign more, quick puzzle play, and limited time/movement mode.

Choose your level of difficulty: Small, Medium, Large, and Insane!

Choose your gameplay options: Swap, Flip, Rotate, or Radial.

Combine these elements to create endless hours of playing in the most comprehensive casual games ever!

Never get bored when there are so many challenges await you in this flip game. There are plenty of beautiful scenes to play and endless variations of how to play this complete the picture game. Download now and start playing!

Hidden Scenes - Summer Secrets APK reviews

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Anita Arnold-thompson review Anita Arnold-thompson
I used to really enjoy the games, but, it keeps robbing me of bonus points and keeps closing in the middle of the puzzles. Having to replay the games over to gain points is also a turn off.
Peter Tabor review Peter Tabor
Need to collect coins to progress by replaying levels ,pain in the butt.Would happily give more stars if you did,nt have to do that.
ysabel Gagnon review ysabel Gagnon
Very nice once again!
Thx for making more levels! Keep up the good work!
Sherry Clark review Sherry Clark
Once again, I love It! Please keep making more!!!
I love summer secrets!
Mary Bailey review Mary Bailey
Still my favorite games.
Renee Brown review Renee Brown
I was enjoying the game so much, I decided to purchase it. Like someone else, once I purchased, the game disappeared. I can't even open the game any more. It stops as you open. I would have rated 1 star, but I did enjoy it while it worked
A Google user review A Google user
This game won't load. If after several hours it does, it eventually crashes after the puzzle but does not give credit for coins earned. "Free" game or not, it must work or it is useless. Too bad, used to be one of my favorites, and I would eagerly anticipate a new puzzle series. Get on it!
Mary Haight review Mary Haight
Beautiful graphics. This version has not locked up yet, but you still have that stupid take five
Vicki Sise review Vicki Sise
Never got a Answer to fix so I'm just going to Uninstall this game. What a Shame cause I have the Hidden Object game to match this one. When you fix the glitch. I'll gladly get it back. PLEASE HURRY!! What a Hassle I rather have the game than get my Money back for taking the ADS out....10-21-06. Tried to get this game again and I got it but it DOES NOT OPEN TO PLAY. YOUR Hidden Object Summer Secrets game is GREAT!!!! 1st Time I Ever had Any Problems as BAD AS THIS ONE. PLEASE DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND TAKE IT OFF. I HAVE NOT GOT MY MONEY, BACK YET EITHER. I WISH YOU COULD FIX THIS ONE. BUT LISTEN TO ALL THE PEOPLE.THIS GAME IS A BIG DUD!!
Brian Jackson review Brian Jackson
Fun game but after you reject each ad it crashes..uninstalling immediately
Maria Hodgson review Maria Hodgson
Very angry. Paid 2 get rid of the ads. Game will not open, no response from team. Took the money quick enough tho. Beyond disappointed. And I will bet there is no response to this comment!!!! ???
Cynthia DiFronzo review Cynthia DiFronzo
I like the pictures, very colorful. What I don't like is that when the program crashes, as they all do from time to time, this one deletes all the completed puzzles. Bummer.
Jody Webb review Jody Webb
Flip puzzle, I haven't had any problems so far, love the puzzles!!
Mary Hale review Mary Hale
Like this game until I have to replay the puzzles. That annoys me greatly.