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Kiss Bye review Kiss Bye
Good timewaster
Any minecraft fan would love this app - like me. It's awesome. Give it a try!
Jay Rogers review Jay Rogers
Have no words
Farhan Rafiq review Farhan Rafiq
It is perfect for those who like to play adventure games ;)
Littled Landin review Littled Landin
Abdelrahman Elsawi review Abdelrahman Elsawi
I'm goku
Just kidding I'm a Minecraft fan
vi ferreras review vi ferreras
Not sure....
I still don't know if this is good.. But I think this is
The hiders need to be blocks with no heads sticking out and the hiders try to find them
The part I hate was when it lagged on me stupid game why did you Lag on me
Angel Aponte review Angel Aponte
Great game
Hard but fun I don't know what is the update it update again and you can text everyone
The StickyGuy review The StickyGuy
Not loading
I like the game, but lately it has not been loading, it also lags alot... which I understand.
Chelsea Persaud Persaud review Chelsea Persaud Persaud
Its good:-) ☺
But is freezes to much so make a better upgrade??
It's cool I do park our and kill people but it lags
Gigi Gooden review Gigi Gooden
Can't wait to lay it
This is going to be good and for you people are just haters and her want that so people will not get the game but I do not care so you can **** your @$$ up
Nehemiah Caldwell review Nehemiah Caldwell
A giggle is dumb this hide and seek iiiiis laggy but i love laggy stuff im a
Hacker to make this lobby not laggy
Kyrk Yexel Tablizo review Kyrk Yexel Tablizo
This is dumb your alone and it's laggy who make this game is dumb
It's laggy and you just have to find treasure and your alone
Ruby Soufizadeh review Ruby Soufizadeh
Dont Play This I Thought It Was Good Until U Got It But ITS TERRIBLE SO USELESS Dont Download This Waste of your time and storage