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Highway Rider Motorcycle Racer is a fast and daring driving game that lets you drive past cars and trucks at blazingly fast speeds on your motorcycle. Dodge traffic, increase your speed and score in this fast, real racing challenge!

Drive through insanely fast highways, collect all the unlockable motorcycle riders while sharing pictures and videos of your crashes. Challenge your friends by racing online and customize your ride in Highway Rider!


Drive in Fast Racing Games
> Dodge traffic while trying to get a high score with close calls!
> Fast boosts reach crazy speed!
> Cruise on 4 different highways!
> Drive through traffic on Arcade mode or outrun the police in Fugitive mode!

Customize Your Motorcycle
> Customize your rider and motorcycle to give them your own style!
> Unlock and Collect all 10 Characters with their own motorcycle!

Online Multiplayer Games
> Online Multiplayer lets you race head-to-head!
> Crash and share your wipeouts with all of your friends!
> Race for in-game challenges and unlock achievements!

Speed junkies, slap on your motorcycle helmets and experience some high-octane racing! Zoom down the open roads and try not to crash! Highway Rider Motorcycle Racer is the ultimate racing game for any motorcycle racing fan!

Comment below your feature requests and favorite features! We will continue to update the app with more content and features.
Contact us with any questions or issues at [email protected]

Highway Rider Motorcycle Racer APK reviews

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aydowon review aydowon
I remember playing this game years ago and it was awesome, it was really fun and it had lots of replay value. But every time I load up the game it asks me to make an account for Google play *that I already have* then it crashes. I have tried many times loading up the app but it just crashes. If this can be fixed I'll consider re downloading
Robin Jacobs review Robin Jacobs
Used to love this game and had it rated at 5 stars. Just installed it on my new phone and immediately got asked to grant it permission to access the camera and microphone... which I obviously denied and as a result the game only crashes at launch. There is absolutely no legit reason that I can think of why this game would require access to my camera and microphone, and be unable to function without it... This is very fishy, and I would suggest everyone to take caution before installing this game.
Madhuri Shurpali review Madhuri Shurpali
Its an overall very addictive game.... I enjoyed playing it very much...but please do look at the ads which pop up every now and then... Its disturbs the flow of the game.. I hope you will look into it at the earliest so that the game will become more convenient and enjoyable to play... ???
Israel Daniel review Israel Daniel
Would like to see more bones broken when traveling at a high rate of speed and would like to customize my rider and upgrade my bike with tuning and special abilitys. Brakes would be cool to and to be able to pull over or give up to the cops. ( like if u were speeding.
Jonathan Collins review Jonathan Collins
No matter how I hold my device the bike keeps going to the right side of the screen! Made sure it was level and all B4 starting...ridiculous!
Abhishek K. review Abhishek K.
Games ok but needs more work. I can't find interesting things to do rather than just driving. And the multiplayer isn't working it just searches match and just searches match and does nothing. Make it more intresting and make the multiplayer work..
Krystal Myth review Krystal Myth
No update since April. Terrible tilt based controls. Please add handlebar-slider controls please, this tilt bs is a sign of a lazily made game. Locking characters to bikes, as a woman who rides sportsbikes and would never be caught dead in a cruiser, and I'm sure my vice-versa evil twin out there doesn't appreciate being gender locked to a bike. How about freeing it up a bit. Not that you're bothering to update this thing.
Jessie Price review Jessie Price
I would give it 5 all the way across but there is to many ads, and everyone can't afford to have them removed. Thank you for your concerns.
Noah Pollock Miller review Noah Pollock Miller
I would give it all 5 stars but I wish there was an option to shut off sound fx if you could please fix that because I like blaring my music but don't want me ears destroyed from the sounds of the game
Rebekah Hopper review Rebekah Hopper
Great driving based game and amazing for passing the time. Only complaint is that i cannot get multiplayer to work despite many attempts. Fix this and the stars will definitely go up.
Bhuvanesh Waran review Bhuvanesh Waran
Amazing lovely bike hame.. But i think graphics can be much more better, pls guys improve the graphics.. I feel not good, cause seeing such low graphics in my high-end beast it feels bad?...
A Google user review A Google user
I have given this game 4 stars because it has too much adds. After every 2 or 3 levels, one add comes. But is a good game. However, rash driving is not good in the real life. ?? !
A Google user review A Google user
The only problem is that every 2 games there was an advatisment which is really annoying! Also the graphics could be improved . So with better graphics and less advatisments this could be a pretty good game
Yolanda Mata review Yolanda Mata
I love this game. The only thing bad about it is that there isn't alot of gameplay. Along with that those trucks with cars on them yeah​ we should be able to use them like a ramp and add more charcters
A Google user review A Google user
I find myself being sucked into this game. Before i l know it ive been playing for an hour