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Hillarymon Go
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Help Hillary get to the WHITE HOUSE! Avoid Trump and collect CAMPAIGN BUTTONS to use to unlock new characters and levels.

Hillarymon Go APK reviews

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Josh Eaton review Josh Eaton
Clever, funny, and a meme
Wanna download silly dumb fun game? This is a good time waster
Max Legaspi review Max Legaspi
Lovin et m8
M8 this was such a grate gam I havn t playd it yut omg soooo much fun gusuvsjaksnh
Michele Johnson review Michele Johnson
It is a really good game. But to be honest, I only got it because of ifunny. And boy did I get what I wanted
Colin Morrison review Colin Morrison
What am I doing with my life that I even downloaded this.
shittysingingaccount review shittysingingaccount
Too many adds + unresponsive
There's an advert every 2 times you die, and it's super easy to die in this game. Didn't even bother finishing the first level because it was so fustrating.
Victor DZ review Victor DZ
Too many ads
There are too many ads and when I click sometimes it doesnt even jump also you need alot of little points to get new skins