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Kelly Gregory review Kelly Gregory
I was on level 420 and lost over 500 millions coins all because the new upgrade. This isn't the 1st time.. If they don't fix this I'm done playing!! All the money to buy coins and to earn levels and trophies and they take it all away!! It's this a way to make me money?
Troy Fastnacht review Troy Fastnacht
I have been playing this game for a couple years I am now going to delete it because no matter how many times I play it a day I never get nowhere I don't get enough chips to even enjoy playing I can't hit a jackpot so unless you want to load my game up with about 10 million I'm deleting it and I know it don't mean matter you guys if I delete it or not but I have been a loyal player thank you
ruth danielson review ruth danielson
I think you guys need to take a good look at your game. I'm so tired of saving my coins up only to lose them all in under a half hour. Either the game is malfunctioning or you guys are trying to rip us off. Either way FIX IT! I'm on the verge of deleting what used to be a fun game. I can tell by your reviews that I'm not the only one who thinks there is something wrong. FIX IT!!
I'm pissed yesterday I had 140 million and was way past level 1 I go to play today it's like it reset me and took everything I had back to level 1 and only 10 million
Jordan Loza review Jordan Loza
Fix this already.
It's not loading up. Maybe gets 3/4 the way and stops. Haven't been able to play for a week or so now. I have to uninstall and reinstall just to play.
Trisha Limore review Trisha Limore
To win a jackpot you must spend your own money..... People use to send me lots of free spins, guess they got tired of not winning!!!! Too many. Glitches and probs to give a 5!! can't get free coins anymore guess it's only android problem ?? My boyfriend gets them on iPhone.. This is a great game!!! Doesn't Ever PAY!!! Awesome bonus games and good graphics... I use to love it
Junior Perez review Junior Perez
Game is not exciting anymore. Takes ur money way home fast. And the bonuses suck. Not good
Jes Porretto review Jes Porretto
Will NOT load!
**update!: facebook connect causing issues. I google signdin and works.** connect to facebook wont work. the app just continues to cycle the red zynga screen and the slot theme screen, over and over! A lot of people i know, family and friends have this app on fb and i would like to connect with them, seems as tho i can't. Please fix!
Chip b review Chip b
Never ending choices
Pretty cool game because they keep everyone's favorite slots while constantly adding newer versions and theme's much like every casino. Only wish the values were more realistic. Idk to many people who make $100 max bet spins in real casinos. I'd rather play a 5¢ slot playing 50 lines maxed out it might be a $25-50 spin but I can at least do that for a while without ending up blowing so much money I can't buy dinner and gas for the trip home. That's the only thing missing imo. Otherwise I like the bonuses.
liz saunders review liz saunders
YOUR GAMES CANNOT GET ANY BETTER THAN ARE NOW. Like this game so many games to choose from , as you notice is like one game very much.
Lori Ashley review Lori Ashley
It won't connect to my friends. I give rewards but only have one person that gives back. Not sure if I want to go through the trouble. Go back to King games never a problem. But I do enjoy the game
Meghan Mccall review Meghan Mccall
I absolutely loved this game until an update was pushed out and wiped out all of my stats, earnings and perks. When I opened the app after the update I was given the standard 10M starting point. So disappointed
Chad Thomas review Chad Thomas
Just ok
Its fun but they dont start you out with enough money to play with the bets are mainly $1000 min per game so that adds up quick it lasted a full 3 hours on my 1 account and about an hour on the other... So at this point i would need to pay money to get more coins to play...i like double down casino alot better because its cheaper and alot of fun graphics are just as good as this game... So thats why i say this game is just ok
Laura Folske review Laura Folske
Hit it rich
I would like them to bring back sex and the city. Also, on Freaki a tiki it would be good if they would reduce the size of the big win notification. It covers up the entire screen so you cannot see what else you spin. Other than that there is a great variety of games to play.