Hitman Sniper APK reviews

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Thomas Niemi review Thomas Niemi
Great game
Good game good graphics fun just can't stop playing it
Prasad Paramasivam review Prasad Paramasivam
Superb detail
Just pay and play... no regrets.
dave r review dave r
Square Enix, nice job. I've been waiting for this to be released!! Awesome!!
Kenny Hinton review Kenny Hinton
Love it.
I wish there were more boards. I can see how it would get old shooting the same characters following the same pattern.
AliAckber Aly review AliAckber Aly
Fab Graphics,Intresting Game play,Intense Music,Hail ya Agent47
Joshua Skoch review Joshua Skoch
Love Square!
This game further increases Square Enix's status as the premier AAA mobile game developer in my mind. Really high quality, challenging, and no necessary IAP. Keep it up and I'll keep buying!
Rakesh Bhardwaj review Rakesh Bhardwaj
Discriminates against people who don't use Facebook. Bonuses not offered if you only have a Google+ account. Changed device and now have to start again. Developers are clearly stupid to only offer game saves to Facebook sheeple
glen mccurry review glen mccurry
Cant play it
I deleted the game and I want my money back. This game just kept backing me out. It wouldnt even start for me most of the time. Couldnt even finish a level without it backing out on me. I want a refund!!!
Justin Watson review Justin Watson
Great game. Lots of fun. Complete BS that it will only save your progress across multiple devices if you have Facebook. Really? Got a new phone and went from level 16 back to 0.
Daniel Lang review Daniel Lang
Just like sniper challenge.
Love the game. Tons of fun. It's nice to challenge yourself for higher scores. Up over 9 million now. Working towards assassin tier. Love it.
ben goodenough review ben goodenough
Best game ever
I never get addicted to games but this is truly worth every second I've spent playing. Would definitely recommend a+++++
Alexander Gottlieb review Alexander Gottlieb
Only one level
The graphics and gameplay are spectacular but only one level ruins it, zero replayability.
Mr Meerkat review Mr Meerkat
Not worth the money
Only has one map, each new 'level' feels like Groundhog Day with slightly tweaked objectives.
rahmadian didit review rahmadian didit
Great game
Loved the detail, story and makes me don't want to get far away from my phone.
Domas Z review Domas Z
Bretty good
It passes as a nice Hitman game, fun like Sniper Challenge on PC. I recommend it to any fan of the series.