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Begin your magical adventure in HonorBound today! Download now and immerse yourself in a mystical world where the likes of dragons, ogres, orcs, and even the undead wander the earth. Evil has taken root in the once peaceful world of HonorBound and it’s up to YOU to restore the balance. Are you a warrior? A rogue? A wizard, cleric or a knight? You decide!

Ally with hundreds of different heroes to create the ultimate squad. Harness one or even all five of the mystical elements - fiery Terra, wild Primal, celestial Lunar, pure Spirit, and unknown Abyss to help defeat all that stands in your path. Recruit magical beasts, battle-tested warriors, and other allies from the world of HonorBound to assist you in your quest. Build your own unique strategy as you collect more allies and customize your squad!

Battle in epic PVE boss fights and collect rare loot and legendary treasures. Equip these treasures to make your squad even stronger! Team up with your friends and join a clan to find even more allies to accompany you on your adventure. Test your strength in the PVP Arena against thousands of other clans to see which clan rightfully deserves the throne.

• Free-to-play fantasy RPG!
• English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, Portuguese, and Japanese all supported
• THOUSANDS of different heroes to capture, evolve, and battle!
• Unique strategy combat system with different class strengths and weaknesses
• 100% animated characters – bring them to life on both your phone and tablet!
• Travel across lush and vibrant worlds, filled with valiant allies, fearful foes and unnamed beings!
• Thousands of clans for you and your friends to team up with and forge powerful alliances
• SFX and music scored by Bobby Tahouri
• Tons of monthly PVE and PVP tournaments with awesome rewards!

Come play with over 3 million other players who have downloaded HonorBound!

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Community: https://forum.honorboundgame.com/
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HonorBound RPG APK reviews

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Fares ZombieEpic review Fares ZombieEpic
Nice graphic and control, but also have a same issues as other player where it have a bug to connect so i need to restart phone, and anyway maybe it game will closed soon coz i just saw a old review when 2016 and so rare to find a new review in 2017. Hope the game will improve to be better or maybe make another better game. So sorry if i make fault on this review and thanks :)
Michael Huddleston review Michael Huddleston
I love this game. I find the strategy requirement, however small it may be, makes this a good game. The energy system is unique without making the game boring too repetitive. Also, unlike other games, energy recharges fairly quickly. Graphics aren't exactly something to write home about but they aren't bad for a mobile game. All of this is awesome, however, I can't play the game anymore. I try to load it and it reaches 62% and then says there was an error and to close the app and try again. Fix this and I'll fix this review
Dark Angel review Dark Angel
Good game over all, progression is a little slow and two way to level your characters. Through traditional grinding or spending special gems called essence. Grinding is the most efficient way and also allows you to farm items to use as well as a little gold. It's turn based and not an idle game which I love. Been looking for a game like this for a long time. Great game keep up the good work!
V. Deniz Unan review V. Deniz Unan
I used to play this game on IOS before I restarted in Android. The gameplay is really fun and I do like the hero system. One turn off is the energy system(obviously) when I am doing a quest, I suddenly run out! Besides that I can say that this game is a really nice way to spend time.
Ryan Sanchez review Ryan Sanchez
Great game. But they try to get you to buy stuff with long period waiting. But what gets me mad is that it crashes so much and you have to resart it so it can play for a little and then crash again!!!! Fix this bug!! Also, it crashed my phone by semdong 100 notifications at once. And give me 100 dimonds for this review
1 3 review 1 3
One of my favoritest games ever! Havemt played it in a long time till recently but seems the glitches have gotten worse :(. Idunno if its my phone or they screwed up in an update. Ifypu got patience give it a try ;)
James Huneycutt review James Huneycutt
Make sure you turn off the notifications if you just want a casual game. When I stopped playing for about a hour it sent over 100 messages I actually counted, there was 103 of them. However I am pretty sure it was a glitch other then that it's great.
Johnmichael Barbecho review Johnmichael Barbecho
What a nice game. I love it. One litte thing could I ask,Can you guys have a one time download of everything. I mean is because when I play it. It has a downloading reminder. No offense but I hate that kind of thing. But over all its a good game. Greetings from Philippines :)
Bob M review Bob M
Had the same notification spam that others experienced, but was solved by blocking the game notifications from the phone. The only issue left is that videos don't reward diamonds at least 50% of the time. Otherwise, I really enjoy the game so far.
Donald Garcia review Donald Garcia
Having trouble gaining connections. When loading it always stops at 62 percent loaded and then says connection error then starts over. It only works if I restart my phone. In game it lags very bad. Please fix i love this game
Jon Baldwin review Jon Baldwin
Good game. Would be nice to see more customization. You lose diamonds after speeding things up and nothing speeds up. Couple glitches. But the biggest issue I have with this game is you need energy. Its fun but then you just have to wait for more energy. Would rather just play and enjoy the game. There other things in the game the make you wait while you earn. Why should I have to wait to play.
Kyle Jones review Kyle Jones
It's a good game, it has good ideas and a lot of content. There are two main issues however, one being the obvious lack of optimization. This really holds the game back and creates a clunky experience. The second issue is the energy system, yes I know this is a mobile game but it really limits you're ability to enjoy the game.
Douglas Wagg review Douglas Wagg
It's a really great game, my only complaint is that sometimes arrows will move when you're walking across an area. I don't know if it's because of certain versions (I play it on Kindle and Samsung) But that's the only issue i've seen
Weston Robinson review Weston Robinson
It says the server won't connect although I have perfect Internet connection. After a while of playing it says it loses connection. Then it won't let me play again unless I restart my phone
Vu Quan Nguyen review Vu Quan Nguyen
I usually faced unfinishable situation in which I could not get out of battle field even when I had defeated all the enemy. At that time, I had to force the game shutdown. When reopening, the game loads to 62% then tells me that there are some problems. This happens repeatedly, so I always have to uninstall and reinstall this game. I love this game, please kindly fix this as soon as possible. My device is Samsung Galaxy Note 4.