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Hot or Not is the original game to find the Hottest people near you, and let them find you too!

Here’s what you do:

• Sign in via Facebook

• Add your best photos

• Play the Game
• Get Fans

Hot or Not will show you how popular you and your friends are, as well as a list of the Hottest people nearby, wherever you may be; at a music festival, on college campus, or hanging out in the city.


When you open our app, we ask for your mobile number and permission to read/send text messages. We only need this to find the confirmation code that we send via text message. This is to help us confirm you're a real person, and keep our app spam-free. We will never send an SMS without your permission.

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Dillon Mann review Dillon Mann
Keeps deleting my pics
It keeps telling me that my pictures are not appropriate and/or not me which makes no sense what is even viewing and deciding that.. Please fix
Michelle Humphrey review Michelle Humphrey
The app is fine but the only problem is that I have no one else in my contact list to invite just so I can see who rated me hot. It's annoying and pointless and you can advertise your app in many other ways. So why force us to invite our friends?
Matteo Marega review Matteo Marega
Fake or not!
ALL the profiles in Europe are fakes. Therefore it doesn't matter if it works or not. Moreover you cannot change your location, are you kidding me?
Bolivia May review Bolivia May
I like this app but it doesn't let me see my fans.Like I have done my invitations but it's still not letting me see my fans.....need to fix this problem
Nicole Casas review Nicole Casas
U have to invite 30 people to see you're fans.. Really?? It's so dumb it ruins the fun of it what's the point of posting pics if u can't see who thinks ur hot
Haley Weeks review Haley Weeks
Love it
I love this app.!! The only thing is that you can't send pictures. If you can update it so it will. I will definitely give it 5 stars.
Tonia Lewis review Tonia Lewis
This is dumb. Have to pay or invite people. It's no one's business that I'm on here. And to pay to see who likes you come on love comes free you shouldn't have to pay for it. Fix it or I'm leaving.
Dana Novak review Dana Novak
Awesome Results
Only been on here about 30 mins & I got over a 100 hot likes . Update been on a hour and got 525 hot likes. Nice , I got so many messages I'm trying to replied to everyone who wrote me there are over a couple hundred. So sorry if it takes me a minute. Still new to the app. Update a couple hours later less than 8 hrs . I got over 800 hot likes almost to a 1,000 ! I got the way most favorite and popular person in such a short time award . so thank you guys XoXo, Update I'm excited to see after 1day
Mariah Naylor review Mariah Naylor
Mrs lol
It was ok but always have u take down ur photos
Kalynn Grose review Kalynn Grose
Love it! One problem...
I have tried to post full body pictures with crop tops and they are being removed. ONLY my midsection is showing. No bare skin clevage, or buttocks are remotely visable. Compared to the inappropriate pictures I have seen on profiles, mine is the closest to modest. I have seen women showing the same as me to close to nothing, why are only my pictures being removed?(I weigh 108 pounds so I am basically not posting "a lot" of too much)
FedEx867 review FedEx867
Something is wrong
I am trying to simply use a picture of myself that does not break any of the rules. The picture is of me, there are no children and it is not erotic or inappropriate in any way. Yet, everytime I put the photo up, it gets taken down and I get a "moderation alert" or whatever and I can't use my picture.
Jacob Wang review Jacob Wang
Solid app
Great app to use
Shana Lynn review Shana Lynn
Not happy
I've tried to get my password numerous times. It will not send me my password. I've double checked my email to make sure I'm entering it correctly and still not email has been sent to me. Please fix
Nicklason Kiser review Nicklason Kiser
This app is pretty good actually better than tinder. Cause u can put photos up that u don't want on ur Facebook.
Rhonda Matheny review Rhonda Matheny
Why do we have to invite 30 of are friends just to see who liked us I don't think anyone wants to sit around and text 30 of their friends just so you can see for a week it's just stupid other wise it's a good app