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Hovercraft: Takedown
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Hovercraft: Takedown is the #1 multiplayer, combat racing, custom vehicle building, totally addicting, physics based, action game of the year!

Thugs have taken over the the Hovercraft highways! Build your custom Hovercraft. Arm it to the teeth with machine guns, lasers, and rockets. Then take to the streets and rack up those Takedowns!

* Build a completely custom Hovercraft and arm it with guns, lasers, missiles, and more!
* Play with friends over Wi-Fi and fight through Multiplayer Survival Mode!
* Smash enemy vehicles to pieces and cause crazy chain reaction explosions!
* Equip up to 6 weapons simultaneously, and customize your loadout from thousands of possible combinations
* Long range sniper cannons? 360 degree tracking lasers? Triple fire homing rockets? How about all of them, at the same time!
* Blast your way through gorgeous rocky mountain passes at breakneck speeds
* Counter enemy weapons with dozens of unique power ups and weapon types
* Upgrade your Hovercraft squadron and become even more powerful
* Endless loot! Collect & win tons of rare, epic, and legendary consumables & gear from card packs
* Real-time damage models affect all of your Hovercraft's systems, from weapons to thrusters
* Experience insane physics-based combat racing, like nothing you've played before!


Hovercraft: Takedown APK reviews

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Tina Groves review Tina Groves
Wuv it
U need more options in the gemeplay
Thomas Hood review Thomas Hood
A bit laggy and good graphics
Ryan Savage review Ryan Savage
Love it
Juan Hernandez review Juan Hernandez
Awesome, fun
David Sharwark review David Sharwark
Fun and a great time killer
Everything is great! But I can't quite put my finger on the thing that is bothering me and stopping me from giving 5*! Ugh but there's something fo sho yo!
Lord of the Dank review Lord of the Dank
It's ok, could be better
Gameplay is pretty repetitive, would've been cool to have something like multiplayer. Not much different from the last one.
Coolguy Gaming review Coolguy Gaming
It's good...
I like the idea, the graphics, the stuff everything! But can you please add another way of getting weapons, hovercrafts, power-ups, and upgrades? I mean, the coin isn't even used that much, it's only used to buy card packs, but that's all! You can add like 5 coins into 3 upgrade points! To make the coins more useful! Oh! And one more thing... THE FREAKING PHYSICS!!! i created a cool hovercraft but i can't even use it for 1 minute without turning to pieces! Hope you can fix that! I want to use my hovercraft!
Unity Cmdr. Humphrey M. Dimitrov review Unity Cmdr. Humphrey M. Dimitrov
Really cool. Super fun to just farm. But, you guys need to do more updates more often. I have right now have 1000 blueprints saved up + 18. And I have over 5118 upgrade points ready to use. You guys should add some new crafts and new ways to upgrade. Maybe even a obstacle course or a flying map. Like a free roam open-world. It would make the game a bit more interested. All in all, it is an amazing game. Keep up the great work. :-)
Peter Knight review Peter Knight
Great game but freezes
Love this game but on my S7 Edge it keeps freezing at the title screen when an advert is due. If the ad plays then it's fine, if the ad doesn't come up then it's frozen and has to be closed and restarted. Also I have no idea what the blueprint cards do.
/ SirMooffles \ review / SirMooffles \
It's an amazing game. The gameplay is great, I love that you can build your own hovercraft, and the action is quite amazing. The only HUGE problem I have with this game: is the ads. Every time you click a button, ad. I know you need some source of income, but the amount of ads just kinda ruins the experience for me. Maybe you could add some sort of microtransaction, and more rewards for watching ads. But apart from the whole ad thing, the game is great. I hope you see this review and are able to take my suggestions.
Ryan Herbert review Ryan Herbert
If you have a creative bone in your body this game's for you. It's awesome building your own hovercraft from scratch, outfitting it with cool weapons and racing with it down the road at high speeds, blasting away everything in your path. I had to knock off two stars because the in game adds are extremely intrusive. I understand the need for advertising and fully support options like watching adds for a bonus, but they shouldn't be popping up in between missions and menus.
Justin Schoeck review Justin Schoeck
I would make this rating five stars, but every time I click ONE button. I'm forced to watch an ad. I understand you need to make money, but you already have micro transactions. So please change the advertisements to only once in a while. Your other games have it perfectly. But this great game is ruined by my patients of the millions of advertisements. So please just change that.
red trix137 review red trix137
You build your own car. Design it whatever you like. And race all day long Mates, download this game. Regret is not an option. Good job to the creators and developers. Best racing game I tried so far. Since I played minecraft, graphics are pretty normal. I just liked it. Thank you for this wonderful game. Hoping for more updates.
Sabin Astralis review Sabin Astralis
I like this game. It offers you a lot of fun and a decent upgrade great. Also you can level up at a good rate as well and not be stuck on one level for weeks on end. It doesn't take much, but it is still very fun to get yourself closer to your goals.
Matt Magliozzi review Matt Magliozzi
Would be a great game if you could actually click on anything without watching an add or 2 before you can do anything. This is literally a great game and would be amazong if it wasnt completely destroyed by the creators wants to make money, well let me tell you something, people wont play your game if they have to spend more time watching adds than actually playing the game.